War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0837 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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question will be- assuming that he has had pecuniary profit alone in view and has not only signally failed but been a serious loser- what should be the extent of his incarceration.

Begging to commend Mrs. Haig to your kind consideration, whatever you may think proper to do with her husband, I am, very truly, yours,


FORT LAFAYETTE, October 5, 1861.

Honorable WILLAIM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

DEAR SIR: I take the liberty of calling your attention to my case, as I understand that I am confined by your order in this garrison. I beg here to state that I have committed no offense against the United States Government; that I am a naturalized citizen, having resided in the city of Baltimore since I was fourteen years of age and am ow thirty- five, and have always been as far as I know a good, peaceable citizen, and have supported the laws and all the institutions of my adopted country.

I am charged I understand with giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I beg leave to state that I have never bought, sold or delivered any goods to the Southern States since the war or to any of its a gents or to the rebels, I knowing them to be such. I keep a store in Baltimore and do not know many of my customers, as my goods are always sold for cash, and I purchase the most of the goods I sell in Philadelphia and New York, where I have been dealing these twenty years. If I am selling any goods that the Government is opposed to my selling I will give my word of honor to sell no more of such goods that the Government is opposed to. It is true I was called upon by a person who I afterward found was a Government detective and applied to purchase goods, but I will here most solemnly assert that I never purchased, sold or delivered any goods to said agent or even priced any goods for the said Government detective, and had he not called upon me I should not have been confined in this fort.

I think it is a very hard case for me that the Government should have offered me a commission of 25 per cent. on $200,000 through its detective and then arrest me for it and take me away from my business and family. I should never heave thought of such a thing had the Government detective not called upon me.

I am perfectly willing to take the oath prescribed by the Government to support the Government and obey its laws, and sincerely hope you will grant me my release from here so I can go home, be with my wife and helpless children and be able to attend to my business which is suffering by my absence. I am willing to give bond to the Government if they will give me my release on my parole of honor to stand my trial whenever called upon by the Government to do so. I will give bond in the city of Baltimore where I am best known.

Hoping, my dear sir, you will give my consideration and allow me to return to my business and my family, who are suffering severly from my detention here (I have just received a letter from my wife in which she states that she is very ill); if you will grant me my release either by giving bond or on parole of honor to stand my trial at any time the Government may appoint to try my case, or grant me my release by taking the oath to support the GOvernment which I will cheerfully do I sahll feel under lasting obligations to you, and so will also my wife and infant children.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,