War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0825 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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FORT WARREN, January 4, 1862.

D. H. CRAIG, Esq.

DEAR SIR: My release was tendered me yeserday on condition of taking an oath of allegiance and that I would not go to any of the seceded Sttes or correspond with any one therin. I presume I am under obligatins to you for this favor and I thank you. It is needless to argue further.

It is plain that the course which you are kind enough toadvise me to take an that which I think self- respect and self- interest imperatively command me to follow are so widely apart that there is no middle path. I hold this plainground: I am a citizen of Kentucky; I have been illegally taken from my State. The power that holds me and proposes terms has no just right to holdme or release me. If I am convicted in a Kentucky court and sentenced the President may pardon me. His power begins and ends there. I think justice will shortly be done me. I have more confidence in the vitality of justice in this caountry than you seem to have. It will not be necessary for you to nanswer madam's last letter. She will expect no further assisttance from you.




From what I know of Barr I should say that hi spast conduct entitles him to expect nothing better thanhe has recieved, andI would rather seehim hngedthan released without conditions.

D. H. C.

FORT WARREN, Boston harbor, January 6, 1862.

I, C. S . Morehead, prisoner at Fort Warren, do pledge my word of honor that I wiol not eneter the State of Kentucky or any other State where an insurrection may exist against the Government of the Untied States; that I will do no act or enter into any correspondence adverse to the authority of the United States Government, and that I will hold myself at the disposition of the Secretary of State of the UnitedStates until othewise directed.


I attest the signature of C. S. Morehead.


Colonel First Artillery andBrevet Colonel, CommandingPost.

FORT WARREN, Boston Harobor, January 7, 1862.

Honorable WILIAM H. SEWRD, Secretary of State.

DEAR SIR: * * * I have also to report that W. S. [M. W.] Barr declines to take the oath of allegiance as reqired by your letter of December 30.

I am, sir, very respectfully, our obedient servant,


Colonel First Artillery and Brevet Colonel, Commanding Post.