War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0821 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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for not being prepaed to receive the prisoenrs when they arrived. I know no who was to blame, and only state the fact that the proparations were worthier of hogs than human beings.

The treatment tus briefly stated would seem to indicate sufficeint punishment for one who has been used to decent living and who feels in his won heart at least that he has crime. But his tretment is confined to myself, a ndif it were zall of my case I should not trouble you with this letter. I myself can bear all that has been imposed upon me without writing you a letter of complaint, but I cannot berar the sufferings which these wrongs to me inflitupon my wife and children who are dearer to me than I am to myself. It is for themand not for myself that this appeal is made. When I was arrested my financial affairs weer in a condition rendered critical by the dangers of the times, but with my own care there was in them a competency above all my liablities. In my absence, however, personal and political enemies have take every advantage of me and at length my little fortune is gone. I am now I fear a bankrupt, and my wife and children are thrown upon the charity of friends. But worst of all the pecualiear disposition of my wife renders here incapable of bearing these troubles. I am advised that she is breaking down with her load of grief and now prostrateupon a sick bed. To add an overflowing drop to my cup of bitterness it has been published in the papers at home that my wife had lost her mind, but I have been assured this is not true. I was informed by last night's mail, however, that she is very ill and thretened with brai fever. Of course I fear the worst and suspect that I have not bveen told all.

And now, my dear sir, does not this narrative, however imperfect and incomplete, show that I have already sufferd enough and my poor wife too much from this imprisonment! What let me ask have I done to deserve all this or to make it necessary thus to torture into lunacy or death my poor wife! I myself know of no treaosn that Ihave committd against the United Staes, and I frankly state to you that I never did and do not now design to commit any suh crime. I am satisfied, my dear sir, that I was arested and imprisoned at the instigation of personal and political enemies. The Federal Government in my casehas been made a mere tool to work out privatehate against me.

I have been wqas arrested as eiditor of The Louisville Courier, a paper that was sppressed the night ov my arrest. I was not the editor of that paper, and those who had me arrested knew I was not. I had not been editor of that paper for two years, andif my memboery servesme well I had not written an article for it for six months or more untiol within the last day or two before my arrest. I then wrote a few pieces (three in all, I think) in the absence of theeditor and at the request of the proprietor, and in accordance with his views not my own. I shirk no reposibility, however, which what I wrote may involve, but am wiling to stand or fall by whatever went from your pen into print. I am not willing, however, tohave fixed upon me the articles of otehrs and to be made to suffer for their sins.

And now, my dear sir, will you under these circumstances continue to hold me in prison! If you have any cahrge against me try me for it or let me out uipon bail sufficient to insure my appearnace to answer the charge at any time uyou may appoint. If you have nocahrge against me let me go, for zssurely I have sffered enough already for nothing. I make this appeal for my liberty n behalf of my wife on whom my incarcerationwieghs more heavily than upon myself. If youwillnot release me I hope you will at least grant me a respite of a month