War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0806 PRISONERS OR WAR, ETC.

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he says. * Applications having been made by petitions and letters for the release of Durrett, an order was issued from the Department of State December 5, 1861, directing Colonel Dimick to discharge him upon his taking the oath of allegiance, &c. Reuben T. Durrett was accordingly released on the 9th day of December, 1861.

Martin W. Barr was arrested at his residence in Louisville, Ky., September 19, 1861, by the military authorities of that department and was conveyed to Fort Lafayette. November 1, 1861, Barr with others was transferred to Fort Warren. The charges against Bar were that he sympathized with the rebels and sued his position as telegraph agent of the Associated Press to advance the insurrectionary cause. December 30, 1861, an order was issued from the Department of State for the release of Barr on his taking the oath of allegiance, &c. January 7, 1862, Colonel Dimick wrote to the Deaprtment that Barr declined to take the oath and that he requested to be exchanged January 9, 1862. Colonel Dimick was directed to retain Barr in custody to await the further pleasure of the Secretary of State. Barr was agin tendered his release on taking the oath January 31, 1862, and refused to accept it. The said M. W. Barr remained in custody at Fort Warren February 15, 1862, within ocnformity with the order of the War Department of the preceding day he was transferred to the charge of that Department. - From Record Book, State Deaprtment, "Arrests for Disloyalty. "

INDIANAPOLIS, September 9, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD.

SIR: I send you the inclosed Kentucky paper+ with several articles marked merely to inquire if it is not about time the editor were an occaupant of Fort Lafayette or some other suitable place for tritors! The people are getting tired of sending their sons to fight rebels while such as this editor, more mischievous by far than if armed with muskets, are allowed to furnish aid ad comfort to the enemy unmolested.

Resepctfully, &c.,


JEFFERSONVILLE, IND., September 19, 1861.


SIR: You will take charge of Governor Morehead, M. W. Barr and Mr. Durrett aned keep them until further orders. Confer with Governor Morton.


U. S. Marsahl of the Distirct of Kentucky.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, September 20, 1861.

Governor O. P. MORTON, Indianapolis, Ind:

Send Governor Morehead, of Kentucky, immediately to Fort Lafayette under proper guard.


Secretary of War.


*Extract her omitted. It will be found at p. 808.

+Not found.