War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0767 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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U. S. MARSHAL'S OFFICE, New York, September 10, 1861.

Hon. WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State, Washington.

SIR: Inclosed you will please find affidavits of Andrew Sheehan and Charles Diamond in reference to Marcus Cicero Stanley. They speak for themselves. I await your reply in regard to what action to take in the matter.

Yours, respectfully,


U. S. Marshal.

[Inclosure No. 1.]


City and County of New York, ss:

Andrew Sheehan, of the city of New York, being duly sworn says that in April and May last deponent raised a regiment of troops for the Federal Government consisting of between 800 and 900 men which were inspected by the Military Board, and that such regiment was known bythe name of the Empire City Regiment; that this deponent was elected colonel of the regiment; that after said regiment was raised and inspected by order of the State Military Boad and ready to be mustered into the service one Marcus Cicero Stanley, a native of North Carolina, who was well and intimately acquainted with many of the men whom deponent had enlisted, commenced a series of acts for the purpose of breaking up said regiment; that said Stanley met deponent in the city of New York on or about the 25th day of May last and told deponent that he should not take his men South to fight against the Confederate troops; that he (Stanley) had the power to break up the regiment, and that he would do so if it cost him all the money he had or could raise; that soon after this said Stanley commenced tampering with deponent's men, and deponent's men commenced leaving the regiment; that said Stanley distributed money amongst the men to induce them to desert and that by his acts he effectually broke up the regiment and prevented deponent from continuing the organization. And this deponent further says that but for the acts of the said Stanley deponent verily believed the said regiment would at this day be in the service of the United States. And this deponent verily believes that said Stanley sympathizes with the Southern Confederacy; that deponent's belief is founded on the acts of said Stanley and his repeated declarations as to the ultimate success of the war. Wherefore the deponent prays that said Stanley may be arrested and held to answer.


Sworn to before me this 3rd day of September, 1861.


U. S. Commisioner.

[Inclosure No. 2.]


City and County of New York, ss:

Charles Diamond being duly sworn says that he is now a lieutenant in the Thirty-second Regiment, Company K of the U. S. Volunteers, which company is now stationed at Alexandria, Va. ; that deponent is now detailed to the city of New York for the purpose of recruiting for the said regiment; that deponent's recruiting station is at No. 454 Broadway; that since deponent had been trying to obtain recruits he has been interfered with by one Marcus Cicero Stanley; that said Stanley has been frequently hanging around deponent's recruiting