War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0752 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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find a sheet of shunplaters, printed for the said Millner by Corlies, of this city, who I have also arrested and await your directions in regard to him.

Yours, respectfully,


U. S. Marshal.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, September 13, 1861.

ROBERT MURRAY, U. S. Marshal, New York:

Send Corlies mentioned in your letter of yesterday to Fort Lafayette.


NEW YORK, September 14, 1861.

Hon. WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State:

On the 2nd instant J. K. Millner gave our frim an order for 1,000 sheets of bills for the Bank of Pittsylvania, Chatham, Va., to be lithographed. The order was executed and the bills delivered on the 9th instant, for doing which B. F. Corlies, my partner, has been arrested and sent to Fort Lafayette. This order was received in the regular course of our business (amounting to $135) and executed without any intention or supposition on the part of our firm that we were violating the laws of the United States. We have never felt that our loyalty should be for a moment questional, having rendered all the aid in our power since the rebellion first commenced to sustain the Government, I as a member of the Seventh Regiment New York State Militia going with the regiment to Washington when ordered there, and during my absence Mr. Corlies sent our porter, Theodore Craft, with the Eighth Regiment New York State Militia, our firm (with moderate means, having recently commenced business) paying his salary during the term of his enlistment for three months and hiring a person to fill his place while away.



The undersigned have long and intimately known the parties constituting the above firm and know the above statement to be true in every particular.




FORT LAFAYETTE, September 15, 1861.

CHARLES O'CONOR, Esq., New York.

DEAR SIR: I perceive by the newspapers that the Government of the United States has taken steps to confiscate what funds I have in the hands of Messrs. Peters, Campbell & Co., of New York and I wish you to undertake to defend thecase for me and also to get me my personal liberty; and if you will be allowed to see me I would be glad for you to visit me at once and have a conversation with me and I will satisfy you about my responsibility to pay you for your services.

Your early attention to my request will very much oblige, yours, respectfully,


P. S. - You are requested not to publish the above letter or any party of the same.

J. K. M.