War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0713 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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CHICAGO, September 18, 1861.

W. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State:

Send another order. Your telegram read J. C. Abram; should be John C. Brain. Whom shall I draw on for expenses of transportation? * * * Answer.


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, September 19, 1861.

JOHN C. MILLER, Chicago, Ill.:

Your telegram of the 18th received. Themistakein ours did not originate here. Your telegram of the 11th was answered as received in regard to the person at La porte, Ind. If his name is John C. Brain do as directed in regard to him, drawing on this Department for all necessary expenses in this and other cases.


FORT LAFAYETTE, Friday, October 4, 1861.


Her British Majesty's Consul, New York.

DEAR SIR: I have been removed from La Porte, Ind., after being confined over a month in the county jail to this fort. When arrested or till now there has been no distinct charge against me and I am guiltless of any unlawful act. The soldiers who arrested me took fromme over $200, giving no receipt or acknowledgemnet whatever. By the Chichago newspapers I learn that I am an officer in the rebel army, the only foundation for which has been my having signed the roll of a company of State Guards in Kentucky which company I believe has never been organized and I never took any oath whatever to this country orany State thereof. I am a native of London; came here in 1849; have never beennaturalized or decl My uncle, WilliamTabram, resides in Bristol, Pa., and my mother, Mrs. John Brain, resides in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. As a Britishsubject I appeal to you for protection and the restoration of my money and liberty.

Yours, very respectfully,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 15, 1861.

Colonel MARTIN BURKE, Fort Hamilton, N. Y.

COLONEL: You will please allow Mr. Archibal, the British consul at New York, to have an interview with J. C. Brain and George Parker, alleged to be British subjects confined at Fort Lafayette.

I am, colonel, your obedient servant,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 26, 1861.

Right Honorable Lord LYONS, &c.

MY LORD: With reference to the case of John C. Brain now confined at Fort Lafayette, N. Y., I have the honor to remarke that from papers on file in this Department it appears that on the 16th of April last the person referred to was a sergeant in a military organization in