War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0707 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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I cannot better illustrate what I believe to be his sentiments than by repating the words he used at my table when dining with me about the middle of July last. On that occasion the conversation turned on the affairs of our country and Mr. Bowne said that he had heard men in Cooperstown use language against the Government which he thought was very wrong; that though he had heavy interests at the South and his sympathises were on her side that he could not feel as these people seemed to do, and that if he did he would not dare to express himself as they did. He said his first wish was for the maintenance of the Union but as he considered that impracticable hedesired a peaceable separation, but deprecated the action of the South in taking Fort Sumter and thus involving the country in a civil war.

Of course if Mr. Bowne has by word or act committed treason or the interest of our country demands his confinement I have not a word to say, but if his arrest was caused by mere suspicion of from the fact of his being a member of the Florida legislature youwill please allow my statement to have whatever weight you think it entitled to.

I inclose two paragraphs* clipped from our villge papers, one Republican the other Democratic, but both for the Union and opposed to traitors North or South.

With the highest esteem I feel honored in subscribing myself yours, truly,


Should you tno remembfer you to your friends William H. Averell, esq.

A. A. B.


Mr. Bowne may be released on his taking an oath of allegiance.




Considerable excitement was occasioned in our village last Sunday evenig by the arrest of George L. Bowne, esq., on a charge of treason. The arrest was made on a warrant from the State Department at Washington by Deputy Marshal Tucker, of Lockport, and Assistant Deputy Marshal Pierce, of Rochester. The Albany Atlas and Argus having given an exaggerated statement of what occurred we will state what was done and said more in detail than would have been necessary had the simple fact of the arrest only been announced.

In the first place it is proper to state that Mr. Bowne is a native of this county and resided here till early manhood. He then emigrated to Key West, Fla., where he has been for many years and is now engaged in large commercial and mercantile transactions. Although scarcely forty years of age and unmarried, by his superior business qualifications, energy and discretion he has accuulated a large property. Being subject to severe visitations ofasthma he has for several years spent the summer seasons at the North, and the last two or three years mostly in this his native county. Last year the purchased a house in this village, furnished it and has resided in it the past spring and summer, his brother who is in business here being a member of his family. Mr.


*One of the inclosures as unimportant, being substantially a repetitition of the other.