War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0675 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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WASHINGTON, September 21, 1861

U. S. MARSHAL, Portland, Me.:

If you can now arrest Cyrus F. Sargent and O. A. Hill and convey them to Fort Lafayette, N. Y., and deliver them into custody of Colonel Martin Burke you are hereby directed to do so.


PORTLAND, ME., September 25, 1861.

WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State:

Have arrested Cyrus F. Sargent* and delivered him at Fort Lafayette.


U. S. Marshal.

AUBURN, ME., September 30, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

DEAR SIR: The friends of Cyrus F. Sargent have requested me to write to you in connection with a petition+ which they have signed to that effect asking that the cause of his confinement in Fort Lafayette may be investigated, and if not inconsistent with the public welfare upon his taking an oath of allegiance that he may be discharged. I have no personal acquaintance with Mr. Sargent and no personal knowledge of the cause or circumstances attending his arrest, but I am acquainted with many of those who have signed his petition and know them to be loyal and respectable, occupying high social positions, whose statements and wishes are entiteled to consideration, and as Mr. Sargent is claimed to be a citizen of Maine and a resident of the district which I represent I have thought it not unreasonable for me to comply with their request so far as to call your attention to his case and inform you of the high social position of many of the signers of his petition, and to express the hope that you will cause the desired investigation to be made at the earliest day practicable.

Yours, with respect,


Member of Congress, Maine.

PORTLAND, October 1, 1861.


SIR: I am requested to state to you the character of the petitions# to be forwarded to you with reference to the case of Cyrus F. Sargent. The petition signed by Eleazer Burbank and otheres contains the names of many go me as among the leading Republicans and most zealous and ardent friends of the Government; that signed by R. G. Blanchard and others, though as I am informed signed mostly by Democrats yet contains the names of several gentlemen of high respectability and who I have no doubt give their warm support


*This was evidently a re-arrest after his release through the habeas corpus proceedings. No record found of Hill's re-arrest.


#Petitions asking for investigation of the case of Sargent, for his discharge, omitted.