War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0648 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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friends of Mr. Robert Mure, of Charleston, recently arrested and now confined in Fort Lafayette.

I am not acquainted with Mr. Blake but give the letter on applicationof Messrs. James and Samuel McLean, members of two extensive and respectable mercantile firms of New York with whom I have been long and intimately acquainted and in whom I have the most entire confidence. They are originally from the same town in Scotland, and their boyhood intimacy with Mr. Mure has been kept up by correspondence and visiting in this country for the past twenty years.

They spent the whole of the evening prior to his arrest in unreserved conversation with Mr. Mure in the public room of the Brevoorfully persuaded that his intended visit to England was on his own private business, and that he is entirely innocent of the charge on which he is alleged to be held, viz, bearing dispatches from the Confederate Government, and is guiltless of any connection with such so-called Government or any of its members.

I am, sir, yours, truly,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, August 17, 1861.


SIR: With the dispatches herewith intrusted to you you will proceed to London by the Cunard steamer which will start from Boston on Wednesday next. On arriving at London you will deliver the dispatches for Mr. Adams to him and as soon as convenient you will proceed to Paris and deliver to Mr. Dayton those addressed to him also. You will remain in Paris for any dispathces which Mr. Dayton may have to send by you and you will return by the way of Londonfor any which Mr. Adams may have. You will exercise all practicable dilligence in the discharge of this duty for which you will be allowed a compensation at the rate of $6 a day and your necessary traveling expenses of which you will keep an account, to be supported by vouchers in every instance where they can be obtained. The sum of $400 is now advanced to you on account of your expenses.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, August 17, 1861.


SIR: Alexander Schultz, a special messenger, will deliver to you this dispatch together with a bag containing papers addressed to Lord John Russell.

On the 13th instant I was advised by a telegram from Cincinnati that Robert Mure, of Charleston, was on his way to New York to embark at that port for England and that he was a bearer of dispatches from the usurping insurrectionary authorities at Richmond to Earl Russell. Other information bore that he was a bearer of dispatches from the same authorities to their agents in London. Information from various sources agreed in the fact that he was traveling under a passport from the British consul at Charleston.

Upon this information I directed the police at New York by telegraph to detain Mr. Mure and any papers which might be found in his possession until I should give further directions. He was so detained and he