War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0641 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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business but untiring industry can always accomplish something, and to be in a position to take advantage of the first return of commercial prosperity is of the greatest importance to any young tradesman.

Earnestly appealing for a merciful consideration of my case I beg to be informed whether there is anything in my power that I can do to obtain my release and once more join my family. If it has been my misfortune or fault, or both, to do any public or private wrong or private injury to those in authority I an but regret it and am truly sorry for it and I beg to be forgiven. For any errors of omission or commission as a good citizen I am willing to make any atonement in my power. All that justice and the public good requires I am willing to do to enable me to join my family and once more give them the care and protection it is the solemn, bounden duty of my existence to afford. I ask therefore for a lenient and merciful consideration of my case on my own account a especially on account of my stricken and suffering household. All that justice and the public safety can command and the National Administration approve I am willing to do as far as in my power lies, and for my fidelity to any engagement you may deem proper I can give satisfactory assurances or bonds to almost any amount.

Hoping for a favorable response, respectfully,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 7, 1861.

JAMES W. WALL, Esq., Burlington, N. J.

SIR: Your letter of the 3rd instant has been received and in reply I have to inform you that Lieutenant Colonel Martin Burke has been directed by this Department to release the prisoner Grove on his complying with certain conditions.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


FORT HAMILTON, N. Y., October 8, 1861.


Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

SIR: Inclosed please find oath of allegiance and stipulation of Benjamin F. Grove, released this day according to your order of October 4, 1861.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

STATE OF NEW YORK, County of Kings, ss:

I, Benjamin F. Grove, do solemnly swear that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States against all enemies whether domestic or foreign, and that I will bear true faith, allegiance and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution or law of any State convention or legislature to the contrary notwith-