War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0531 SUSPENTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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Case of George Miles.

George Miles, of Richmond, Va., was arrested* by John A. Kennedy, superintendent of police in New York City, August 21, 1861, and committed to Fort Lafayette. He was charged with collecting moneys in loyal States for persons residing in the insurrectionary States. Money and securities belonging to persons living South were found on his person. An order was issued from the Department of State dated October 3, 1861, directing Colonel Burke, commanding at Fort Lafayette, to release Miles on his taking the oath of allegiance and stipulating that he will neither enter any of the States in insurrection against the authority of the Government of the United States nor hold any correspondence with persons residing in those States without permission of the Secretary of State, and that he will do not act hostile to the United States during the present insurrection. He was accordingly released October 5, 1861. - From Record Book, State Department, "Arrests for Disloyalty. "

WASHINGTON, August 21, 1861.

J. A. KENNEDY, Superintendent, New York:

Send George Miles to Fort Lafayette and send the money to me.


Secretary of State.


New York, August 22, 1861.

Lieutenant Colonel M. BURKE.

SIR: By direction of the Secretary of State I send in charge of Mr. Inspector Leonard Mr. George Miles, of Richmond, Va., whom he wishes detained.

Very respectflly,



FORT LAFAYETTE, August 23, 1861.

Colonel BURKE,

Commandant Fort Lafayette and Fort Hamilton.

DEAR SIR: On my arrest on Wednesday afternoon, August 21, 1861, I had taken from me by Superintendent Kennedy, of the New York police department, a package of money sealed in a brown envelope containing over $7,000 in Southern bank notes, checks on Nothern banks and negotiable notes on Richmond merchants; also not inclosed in this envelope two checks on New York banks for $4,500; one certificate of Virginia State stock for $1,000 in gold and $225 in gold taken from my person by the sergeant of police who arrested me, making in all $1,225 in gold; also in an envelope directed to Crew & Pemberton, Richmond, negotiable notes on Richmond for collection


* See affidavit of Robert Murray, September 28, 1861, in case of Millner, post, for important reference to Miles' arrest.