War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0529 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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the 7th last, a gentleman called on me in relation to Mr. Guthrey. He did not disclose his name. On Monday last, the 10th, Honorable Augustus Schell called on me in relation to Mr. Guthrey and informed me that the gentleman who called on Saturday was from his office. The next day I learned that Doctor I ves was in Fort McHenry and that he was the man who called on me from Mr. Schell's office. Not knowing what Mr. Ives is held for I have not allowed the circumstance to prejudice the case of Mr. Guthrey.

On reflection I think Mr. Guthrey should be offered his parole as before. I think also that the suit for the sequestration of the funds taken with Mr. Guthrey ought to be pressed to an issue at once and decided one way or the other. At this point Mr. Moses H. Grinnell called on behalf of Mr. Guthrey and submitted an affidavit* and petition which I inclose. I return herewith the paper inclosed to me and also those submitted by Mr. Grinnell.

Yours, respectfully,

S. C. HAWure.]

NEW YORK, February 8, 1862.


Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

SIR: The undersigned merchants of this city most respectfully ask your candid notice of the following plain statement of the facts in behalf of Mr. John G. Guthrey, now in confinement at Fort Lafayette. Mr. Guthrey we will premise is over fifty years of age, known to us personally as a man of unusually mild, retiring manners and inoffensive disposition. We regard as a highly honorable Christian gentleman. Mr. Guthrey is a native of Virginia, resident at the city of Petersburg, where he has been engaged in the manufacture of tobacco. He reached this city on the 18th August last, his avowed object being to buy the stocks of Southern States in consequence of their then low price here. His purchases were made at the regular board of brokers in the usual way, and such stocks are still daily bought and sold there.

On the 21st of August Mr. Guthrey was arrested at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in this city by the detective police, under orders we judge from the Department of State, and sent to Fort Lafayette. The parties who made the arrest deprived him of sundry bonds, checks, drafts and moneys we believe to the nominal value of over $150,000. After six weeks of confinement Mr. Guthrey, against whom prsonally we believe no charge was brought, was released from imprisonment on giving his parole pot to go or write South except by your permission. The bonds and money taken from him were libeled in the U. S. district court here for confiscation on the ground that they were being carried South in violation of law. After many delays the case was set for trial on the 26th of December last.

On the 24th day of December, two days before the trial was to have taken place, Mr. Guthrey was again arrested by the detective police and on Christmas Day was sent to Fort Lafayette where yet remains. We are told this second arrest is made under a charge of violating his parole. In reply to this we take leave to refer you to the accompanying


* Affidavit not found.