War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0515 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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came to New York for the purpose of investing sums of money for several persons in Virginia by purchase of public securities of Southern States, the design being to take advantage of the state of the market of such securities and purchase them at a cheap rate. With this design he applied to me as an old friend to collect his money here and purchase the State honds. I did this business for him as an old friend and in this manner came to a knowledge of his design in the transactions. I know all the parties for whose account he made the purchases. They are all men advanced in life. They are men who have means to invest and operate with and I feel confident that the business was all private, commercial or financial business, and in no way connected with the military or political affairs of the country. I am confident that the object and motive of Mr. Guthrey in doing this business is truly and fully stated in a letter written by me and not signed addressed to Mr. A. A. Low and by him transmitted to the Secretary of State, William H. Seward. Annexed hereto is a statement of the account between myself and Mr. Guthrey covering the whole transaction, showing how and when the business was done; how the money was collected and invested. The relations between Mr Guthrey and myself were friendly and confidential and I have no doubt he told me the whole truth without concealment. The business was done openly and without any thought on my part or, as I believe, on his that he was committing any offense. I made all the entries on my books of the transactions just as they occurred with his knowledge, and he never made any suggestion of any concealment or evasion. In relation to letters founstated the facts truly in the letter to Mr. Low hereinbefore referred to. They were left at my office sealed. He did not know the contents nor did he or I suppose that the carrying of letters was an offense. He said to one party who asked him to take a letter that if there was anything contraband in it he had better not send it as he would have to show it. The account I have furnished annexed* is a correct transcript of my books. If I had known or supposed that the business he was upon was either illegal or wrong I should not have aided him in the business and advised him not to proceed with it. And further saith not.


Sworn before me this 28th of September, 1861.


Chief Clerk of Police.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]


City and County of New York, ss:

Robert King being duly sworn doth depose and say as follows: I am a member of the Metropolitan police of New York attached to the detective force. Sergeant Young, of the detective force, and myself on or about the 21st of August last went to several hotels in search of John G. Guthrey and found him at Fifth Avenue Hotel and arrested him. We brought his baggage to the central police office where it was searched and the bonds found in his trunks. We also found some money upon him. On delivering him at the office I was dispatched to Ohio on business and had no further personal knowledge of the case.


* Statement of account omitted.