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New York, February 14, 1862.

F. W. SEWARD, Esq., Assistant Secretary of State.

SIR: Yours of the 12th with the inclosures of the letter of Jacob Rosengarden and a copy of the New-Yorker Journal is this moment received. The New-Yorker Journal is a daily which has grown out of the National Zeitung, numerous copies of which I have forwarded to your Department. I have preserved all the numbers of the Journal, as I did of the Zeitung while it was published. The object and course of both papers are the same, viz, to bring the Union cause into disfavor with our German population. I have so informed you repeatedly in regard to the Zeitung, as you will find on reference to my letters to the Secretary of August 19,* September 10, 14, 22 and 29, and to yourself of October 6 and January 13.

I am informed that the same committee that managed the Zeitung manages the Journal and that the same agents and editors (with some additions) are employed on it. In a day or two I will send you a full file of the paper. I have it now in the hands of translators for my own information. During the time the Journal has been published I am continually called on by disgusted Germans anxious to have the active parties arrested. Since I have been writing this letter two have called on me in relation to it, one of whom tells me he wrote to the Secretary of War in relation to the paper two weeks ago and feels greatly disappointed in nothing having been done to abate the nuisance. I herewith return you Mr. Rosengarden's letter.

Very truly, yours,



Memorandum found in files of State Department.

FEBRUARY 15, 1862.

Zeitung (newspaper), National, of New York City.

Not arrested.

R. H. M.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, February 24, 1862.

MY DEAR JUDGE: Will you have the kindness to read these papers+ and tell me whether the tone is of a character so treasonable as to call for any action on the part of the Government, such for instance as prohibiting its circulation through the mails?

Very truly, yours,


[No date.]


MY DEAR SIR: In ready compliance with your request I have given all the time I could from employment more imperative to a review of the German papers returned herewith, and have added the substance of some paragraphs to what had already been done by another pen, as an indication of the general tone of such papers. It is certainly such as to stir one's gall; but yet the thing is managed so adroitly that it would be very difficult to hold them to any penalty as they could almost


* Not found.

+ Inclosures not found.