War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0502 PRISONERS OR WAR, ETC.

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[Numbers 3.]

The great delusion of the moment consists in this that we of the North idly think we have nothing more important to do than to bring back the seceding Confederates into the Union, whilst in truth we have to watch over, first, personal liberty; second, the supremacy of our own race throughout the continent; third, the welfare of milions of all races.

[Numbers 4.]

The questin lies between civilization and barbarism - growth - flourishing prosperity - happiness through upholding the laws of nature or degradation, and chaotic desolation through contending against them.

[Numbers 5.]

That such contest is no child's play is shown by the gigantic dimensions which such conflicts have assumed in earlier centuries. Those who take part therein on the side of civilization must be ready with steady decision and moral courage to appear on the field of conflict.

[Numbers 6.]

The melancholy condition of public affairs arises from this, in the North these matters are looked at on one side only and that the wrong (unright) side.

[Numbers 7.]

The cause of right which has its representative in this paper we shall endeavor to maintain in entire fulfilment of the promises above stated.

[Numbers 8.]

The thoroughly false principly that sovereign States can "rebel" is that which solely and alone now as for eighty years leads us into a most pernicious war. The misery springing therefrom will alone teach us the only true political wisdom by which the Government confined to the realization of just principles would successfully avoid all that management of matters which especially leads to corruption.

[Numbers 9.]

Can a State rebel or be at the same time sovereign and subject? As little as a further can be his own son, a king his own vassal. Our States exist absolutely, not under Congress; they are not subject to Congress, and yet the war is waged by us soledy in the idea that they are.

[Numbers 10.]

The abolitionists first speechified and quarreled and platformed the Southern States out of the Union and now draw the sword to fight them again into it. Astonishingly wise people.

[Numbers 11.]

The abolitionists want to force the Southern negroes to work for wages against their own and their owner's will. Astonishingly sagacious people.