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to do than with Russian Laplanders. The Government in the North instead of setting a limit and term in place and time to this infamous spontaneous assumption has much the more inclined to the abolition movement and increased the difficulty and stirred the people tocarry this assumption with the sword into the Southern Staes. this must lead to permanent separation-at least make a thorough reunion more difficult. * * *" (Here comes another contast with Germany.) "How is it here? The abolitionist whether plain citizen or office holder, priest or soldier follows the party movement, its intrigues and gains. Beyond that he takes no interest; for that he raves against the South and tries to carry out his party's schemes. * * * No counter movement is got up at the North against this abolitionism to quiet its ravings, therefore it is folly to think of the preservation of the Confederation (Union). The Union admits no separate independent State government interests, or in other words is not made by the States but by the people, and even therefore must fall to pieces when the people will. this is done by war. to coerce a confederacy of free States by force of arms-impossible!" Suggests, "The Presidnet should gather a general convention at Indianapolis, but the Northern abolition elemnt must be shut out. The South will never endure it and will not endure the Northern people until they stand aloof from it. "


The Union organization of New York called by its right name would be nothing more than an association for obtaining votes under false pretenses. The false pretense is that no party distinction will be recognized in future.


The demoralizing influx of lukewarmness, the corrupting influence of indecision upon political affairs shows nowhere more plainly than in the present course of North American entanglements. the final solution thereof would have occurred long since had not the flocks of political hybrids everywhere interposed objections. The abolition terrorism would long since have reached the height to which it tended and from which it must have fallen back if the desertes from the National party which had joined it had not hung on with leaden weight. The National party would long since have worked out a reconstruction if the hybrids who rendered its measures nugatory had been got rid of.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 23, 1861.

Honorable MONTGOMERY BLAIR, Postmaster-General.

SIR: Information has been laid before this Department in regard to the disloyalty of the National Zeitung, a journal published in the city of New York, and the improper influence exercised by it. The evidence is of so conclusive a character that I hereby recommend that the circulation of the journal in question in the mails of the United States may be prohibited.

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Secretary.