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POST-OFFICE DEPARTMENT, September 14, 1861.

Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

SIR: I have the honor to acknowldge the receipt of your notes of the 12th and 14th instant and to inform you that on the day of the receipt of your first note an order was made excluding the National Zeitung from the mails and the postmaster of New York instructed to execute the order. The circulation through the mails of the Staats Zeitung has not been prohibited.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Acting Postmaster-General.


New York, September 14, 1861.


DEAR SIR: I think you either have misunderstood me or Marshal Murray in relation to the proper way of dealing with newspapers. We entirely concur in the opinion that the seizure of aprinting office or of the papers printed is not the best way of correcting the evil; that under present circumstances the only sure way is to put the editors and publishers out of harm's way. I have consulted with Mr. Murray to-day and these continue to be his views.

The only paper here now that continues rabid is the National Zeitung. The Journal of Commerce is hardly respectable in its opposition. The Daily news has been every day becoming more and more insipid and this morning it closed doors with a notice posted up that the publication of the paper was suspendd until the freedom of the press was restored. I clip from the paper Mr. Wood's formal announcement of the suspension lest you may not otherwise get it. The Staaats Zeitung is not so fierce since the action of the grand jury of Westchester County. But the National Zeitung is reported to me as having increased its virulence. In mine of August 19* and 10th instant I have reterred to the mannerr in which this paper is goten up; that there is an association nominally of German Democrats of which George Keuster is president, Rittig secretary and Joseph Fickler is treasurer. They meet weekly or oftener and have a committee to manage the paper. O. Bengue is chief editor assisted by numerous writers of whom A. Eichoff, Dr. William Schirmer (coroner) and M. Gross are a part. The business of the concern is managed by two persons named Hepke and Kor. Now the arrest of one of the most active of these men would lead to a modification it its tone or to a suspension after the manner of the News. If you think it best to try I will notify you of the one whom it would be mosst useful to take.

Very truly, yours, &c.,



DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, September 17, 1861.


Superintendent of Police, New York.

DEAR SIR: I have received your letter of the 14th, relative to the National Zeitung and M. C. Stanley. In reply I have to state that if


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