War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0495 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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As to the position of the Staats Zeitung I take leave further to refer to the annexed copy from my to-day's issue which will furnish you honor a general outline of the policy and course maintained in my paper. Far from encouraging the enemy of the National Government of from opposing the most vigorous prosecution of the war or from dissuading of the enlistment of volunteers or doing anything likely to embarrass or to paralyze the actio of the Government, the very contrary has been the aim of the Staats Zeitung; for even among its warmest adherenst the Government has not had a more uproght and candid supporter, disagreeing though we were from the political principles maintained by the party which placed the present Administration in power.

The prosecution of the Staats Zeitung is the more mortifying to its propreitor and his assistants and friends as it emenates from a Department the head of which has on many occasions since the commencement of our national troubles been the special object of a vigorous and impartial defense against the unceasing and virulent attacks of those who labored to embark the Government in an abolition war, and have consistently denounced the conservative policy of the Secretary of State. What the character of the opposition of the Staats Zeitung has been, and how far the legitimate and as I presume undeer all circumstances judicial use of the right to oppose kistinct measures of the Administration went, can be easily made apparent from a more just position of the seemingly most obnoxious expressions of the Staats Zeitung with others from the Tribune, Democrat, Abendzeitung and a host of other Republican papers in all parts of the couhntry. If the honorable Secretary of State wants to be enlightened on that subject we are ready to furnish the proof. I dare say that we have yielded everything, have sacrificed ipinions and convictions for the sake of the support and maintenance of the Government. We can do no more. If it had happned that we had been on the Republican side in the last election we are certain of having been accused by prints as those before named of sycophaness toward the Government.

There has never been a more wanton and more malicious denunciaion than that of which I am the victim, and do complain before yur honor. If any further proof of the truth of my representations should be required by your Department I hope your honor will have the goodness to addvise me of such fact. The maintenance of the Union, of the Constitution, of the Government, at any and every price and sacrifice-that is my aim and my end.

I am, sir, with high regard, respectfully, yours,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, September 12, 1861.


Superintendent of Police, New York.

SIR: I have your note of the 10th respecting the National Zeitung. In reply I have to state that Mr. Murray, the marshal, and other friends are of opinion that at present procedings against that paper would not be advisable. If, hower, upon consultation with Mr. Murray you both should reach a diffrent conclusion your report upon the subject would be duly considered.

I am, sir, you obedient servant,