War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0427 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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413 BROOME STREET, November 25, 1861.

F. W. SEWARD, Assistant Secretary of State.

SIR: J. K. Millner,* A. E. Smith, of Virginia, and Charles Kopperl,* of Mississippi, are clients of Honorable William H. Ludlow, who has pressed me diligently to report in their cases. But for this I could properly pass them as I shall all of the prisoners deemed to be disloyal now unless there is something special in their cases. * * *

The case of Mr. Austin E. Smith is I think fully known to you. He is in all respects it seems to me a disloyal man-energetic, active and determined. His tone is defiant. He demands the right to come on to Washington to settle his accounts. That might be allowed provided he was certain to be remanded to duress.

I am, very respectfully, yours,


FORT WARREN, December 7, 1861.


Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

SIR: On the 2nd of August I was arrested by your ordered in the city of New York when on my way to Washington City for the purpose of settling my accounts as late navy agent for the post of San Francisco. On the 5th of the same month I communicated to you the facts and circumstances. On the 14th of October and the 16th of November I was tendered my release upon terms to which I could not conscientiously subscribe. And now after an incarceration of upward of four months in accordance with the suggestions found in your two communications lately received by Colonel Dimick and read to the political prisoners here confined I propose the following parole: I pledge and bind myself upon my honor if set at liberty by the President of the United States to proceed without unnecessary delay to Washington to settle my accounts and thence if required by the President to return immediately to California.

Your obedient servant,


WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, April 27, 1862.

Colonel JUSTIN DIMICK, Fort Warren, Boston, Mass.

COLONEL: You will release Austin E. Smith, a prisoner confined at Fort Warren, in exchange for William Ayres, of Philadelphia.

By order of the Secretary of War:



HEADQUARTERS, Baltimore, May 7, 1862.

Honorable P. H. WATSON, Assistant Secretary of War:

Austin E. Smith, released from Fort Warren I exchange for William Ayres, has applied here for a permit to go to Fortress Monroe with the view of going South. What is the direction of the Secretary of War regarding him?


Major and Aide-de-Camp.


*For cases of Millner and Kopperl, see post.