War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0332 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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information; John Merrill, no information; Luther Green, charged with attempting steal guns belonging to Kentucky; Lemuel Green threatened some of his neighbors; Thomas Murphy was found in company with some of the above mentioned; J. D. Lillard, charged with participating in an attempt to steal guns belonging to the State of Kentucky.

This infividual [Herman Stump] was an ardent advocate of the rebel cause in Harfold County, Md., and was attached to a volunteer military association recruiting and getting under discipline there with a view to entering the rebel service. Apprehending arrest he fled in August, 1861, to Canada where he remained three months or more before his name was brought to the notice of the Department of State. His father and other friends then commenced importunities for some sort of safeguard for him to return home which continued till early in January, 1862, when the Secretary of War gave assurance to Stump that he would not be molested on his return home by any authority of the Government unless he should commit some offense thereafter which night make his arrest necessary. During the absence of Stump in Canada he divested himself of title to all the property he previously held to guard against the danger of confiscation.

William Respass was arrested about the 1st of January, 1862, at Florence, Ky., charged with being a violent secessionist and taken to Camp Chase. The only papers in the Department of State relating to his case is a letter from Honorable J. W. Menzies inclosing another from N. B. Stevens pleading for his release. Th by the Secretary of State to Governor Dennison, of Ohio, by a letter dated January 15 [1862]. Governor Tod, successor to Dennisson, replied under date of January 20, 1862, that on examination he found that Respass has already been discharged though by whose authority he does not state.

William C. Jameson was arrested by Provost - Marshal Leighton January 1, 1862, and confined in the military prison in Saint Louis. He was charged with conveying contraband correspondence to the insurrectionary States. Said Jameson remained in custody at Saint Louis February 15, 1862, when in conformity with the order of the War Department of the preceding day [he was] transferred to the charge of that Department.

Lorenzo Graves was arrested about January 1, 1862, at Warsaw, Ky., by Deputy U. S. Marshal Aaron Gregg and taken it Camp Chase. He was charged with being a violent secessionist and in full sympathy with the present rebellion. There is no evidence before the Department of State throwing any further light on this case of showing when Graves was discharged if at all.

Thomas B. Hewitt was captured by the U. S. vessel Harriet Lane, Captain Dahlgren commanding, and committed to the Old Capitol Prisone January 2, 1862. There are no papers on file in the Department of State showing on what charges this man was arrested. He remained in confinement February 15, 1862, when in conformity with an order of the War Department of the preceding day he was transferred to the charge of that Department. (Released February 22, 1862.)