War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0321 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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preceding day he was transferred to the charge of that Department. (Ordered released February 21, 1862. Released on parole February 22, 1862.)

E. M. Mabie [was] arrested by Provost - Marshal Leighton November 20, 1861, for passing to and fro between the North and the South carrying correspondence, &c. Sentence by the military commission to be confined during the war. In confinement at military prison Saint Louis, March 3, 1862.

James J. Waddell, of Maryland, a native of North Carolina, a lieutenant in the Navy of the United States, sent his resignation to the Secretary of the Navy * from on board the U. S. ship John Adams, Saint Helena, 20th November, 1861. It was not accepted - as is understood but his name was stricken from the rolls. Waddell was not arrested, but for some reason probably because of an application dated February 1, 1862, for permission to go South his name and some papers in relation to him have been included in the files of the " treason bureau. "

The first informaiton received at the Department of State concerning this man [William H. Suydam] was contained in a letter from John A. Kennedu, superintendent of police, New York, under date of November 20, 1861, saying: " The officers of the First Regiment U. S. Lancers, encamped in Kings County, called on me today and represented that Mr. W. H. Suydam, a justice of the peace of the county, has been actively at work in endeacors to disorganize the command and that he has caused the desertion of a large number of their men. I have ordered his arrested and will hold him subject to your order by telegraph. " He was committed to Fort Lafayette by order of the Secretary of state dated November 21, 1861. The above charge was supported by the affidavits of two members of said regiment of lancers to the effect that Suydam had counseled the men of said regiment to mutiny. An order was issued from the Department of State dated December 16, 1861, directing Colonel Burke, commanding at Fort Lafayette, to release Suydam. He was accordingly released December 16, 1861.

E. H. Jones was arrested about the 20th day of November at his house in Saint Mary's County, Md., by L. C. Baker, a Government agent, and by order of the Secretary of State dated November 25, 1861, was conveyed to Fort Lafayette. The report of the officer who made the arrest states that -

E. H. Jones resides at what is known as the Old Factory, Saint Mary's County. * * * When the present difficulties broke out Jones went to Baltimore and was there during the riot of April 19. On his return home he brought not less than 800 stand of arms from Baltimore, which afterward went to Virginia. He has used his horses and wagons for hauling contraband goods from the Patuxent to the Potomac during the greater part of the summer and fall; has made his house the headquarters of secession spies passing to and from Virginia; has enlisted, equipped and forwarded a large number of men for the Confederacy; has notified Union men to leave the county, and has on all occasions cursed and abused the Government.


* See pp. 204, 205, 211, for correspondence concerning Waddell.