War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0301 SUSPENCED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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This person [George A. Shackleford] was mate of the schooner Susan Jane which was captured Septemsber 9, 1861, while attempting to run the blockade at Hatteras Inlet. He was sent to Fort Lafayette by order of the Secretary of the Navy and afterward transferred to Fort Warren. The said G. A. Shackleford remained in custody at Fort Warren February 15, 1862, when in conformity with the order of the War's Department of the preceding day he was transferred to the charge of that Department. (Released March 5, 1862, on honor not to render any aid or comfort to enemies in hostility to the Unites States Government.)

John W. Andrews, of New Orleans, was arrested at Providence, R. I., on the 10th of September, 1861, by Albert Sanford, esq., U. S. marshal, under direction of the Secretary of State. He was charged with being an officer in the rebel service, and was taken to New York with a view to placing him in confinement. Before he was taken to the fort, however, it was made to appear satisfactorily that he was not the person intended to be arrested but had been taken for another man of the same name. He was therefore relesased on or about the 13ter, 1861.

This person [Bushrod W. Marriott] was arrested by order of General Sickles in Maryland and committed to the Thirteenth Street Prison in Washington, September 10, 1861. The only information received at the Department of State relative to Marriott is contained in a letter from William Price, esq., of Baltimore, stating that Marriott was arrested for giving aid and comfort to the rebels, but the charge was unfounded and he therefore urged the release of the prisoner. The said Marriott was ordered to be released by the Secretary of State on taking the oath of allegiance to the United States Government.

This man [Samuel P. Wilson] was arrested by order of General Sickles and committed to the Central guard House September 10, 1861, and tranferred to the Thirteenth Street Prison, Washington, D. C., by order of General Porter. He was released October 8, 1861, upon taking the oath of allegiance by order of General Porter.

David Summers, of Baltimore, was arrested with some twenty others at North Point, Md., about September 13, 1861, and by order of Lieutenant - General Scott committed to Fort Columbus and from thence transferred to Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. He was charged with being about to proceed to the insuffectionary States for the purpose of joining the rebel forces. An order was issued from the Department of State dated December 9, 1861, directing Colonel Dimick, commanding af Fort Warren, to release Summers on his taking the oath of allegiance stipulating that he will neither enter nor correspond with the Sattes in insurrection againts the United State nor do any act hostile to the United States furing the present insurrection. (Released December 12, 1861.)

Dennis Kelly was arrested Septemebr 13, 1861, by order of Lieutenant - General Scott and taken to Fort Columbus. Kelley was captured with some tweinty others on suspicion of his being on his way to join the rebel army. Being a British subject he was released without taking an oath of allegiance by order of the Secretary of State September 24, 1861.