War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0242 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Please to communicate with me at early day, and as fully as convenient advise me as to the future.

I am, most respectfully, your obedient servant.


U. S. Marshal.


Report of A. J. Davis to U. S. Marshal D. L. Philips, concerning certain disloyal persons in Southern Illinois.

Mr. J. P. Haynes [of Ashley, Washington County], formerly a merchant, is a violently noisy, fault-finding secessionist and does all he can to discourage enlisting for the U. S. Army, and is a member of the K. G. C. He is a North Carolina; has considerable influence and takes great care (pains) to find fault with the administration. He told me when. I first saw him that if I wanted to go South he would show me the way.

Robert and William Palmore [of Mount Vernon, Jefferson County] have the mail contract from McLeansborough to Ashley. Any person wishing to go South can get all help from them. They give all the names of men on the route and where to cross the river. I got the route from Robert, and he gave me the full particulars and said he had sent numerous persons, among whom were two Englishmen of great wealth and bearers of dispatches for the South; altogether twenty-seven persons. I got the route with the understanding that I was going South with another man named King. We started and went far enough to find the route a represented by Palmore. I then arrested King and gave him in charge of the military at Shawneetown. Palmore has a son in the Southern army; he says he gets and sends letters to him. I saw one letter written from Knoxville, Tenn. The arrangement is for any one to see William Palmore at Ashley, give him the signs and grips of the order of K. G. C. ; he will bring them to the old man at Mount Vernon and give the necessary instructions for the rest of the route. The old man is about forty years old and William twenty-two or twenty-three; both very noisy secesh. They are from Tennessee.

There is a Mr. William Dodds [of Mount Vernon], clerk of the county court and the most violent of all the party at Mount Vernon. He is always talking against the administration and he has said repeatedly in my hearing he wished Jeff. Davis had Illinois and if he had not a family he would go and join the army South. He is forever cursing the heads of this Government. He says he don't try to hide his feelings as there is no Black Republican that dare arrest him. He says the K. G. C. elected him knowing his principles. He is a very influential and dangerous man. He is the main man who intimidated me into the order of the K. G. C. whose whole intention is treason.

Dr. Duff Green is a very intelligent and most influential man in Mount Vernon; native of Kentucky and relative of J. C. Breckinridge and boasts of his correspondence with him. He showed me a letter on Sunday, the 16th, that he said came from Mr. Breckinridge. He is always commenting on the policy of what he calls the Black Republican Government and he always objects to all its measures and he convinces all his listeners that the Government is wrong. He has more influence than any other man in Mount Vernon. The people refer all their disputes to him and believe him implicitly as their oracle. He always concludes his remarks that the is opposed to Lincoln and his