War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0103 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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List of prisoners now cconfined at Fort Lafayette, New York Harbor, &c. - Continnued.

Names. By whom Date of

confined. reception.

Henry K. Stevens. Secretary of the Oct. 2, 1861.


Benjamin P. Loyall. . . do. . Do.

Walter R. Butt. . . do. . Do.

Dr. Charles Macgill. Secretary of Oct. 5, 1861.


W. E. Wright. Secretary of Do.


W. E. Kearny. . . do. . Do.

J. T. McFeal. . . do. . Do.

Joseph W. Griffith. . . do. . Do.

Anderson McDowell. . . do. . Do.

William Grubbs. . . do. . Do.

J. W. Robars. . . do. . Do.

F. M. Crow. . . do. . Do.

H. G. Thurber. . . do. . Do.

S. H. Wooldridge. . . do. . Do.

G. P. Pressy. . . do. . Do.

Edward Payne. . . do. . Do.

L. S. Holsclaw. . . do. . Do.

Joseph Back. . . do. . Do.

G. A. Shackleford. Secretary of the Oct. 7, 1861.


G. W. Barnard. . . do. . Do.

G. O. Van Amridge. . . do. . Do.

Edward O'Neil. . . do. . Do.

Elijah Simmons. . . do. . Do.

J. A. Douglass. . . do. . Do.

Edward Baum. . . do. . Do.

Sterling F. Newton. . . do. . Do.

Robert S. Grissons. . . do. . Do.

Captain S. Grissons. . . do. . Do.

Captain Michael Berry. Secretary of Oct. 10, 1861.


Alfred Da Costa. . . do. . Oct. 11, 1861.

A. R. Carter. . . do. . Oct. 12, 1861.

J. W. Packard. . . do. . Oct. 13, 1861.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.


Blatimore, Md., October 14, 1861.

Brigadier General HENRY H. LOCKWOOD, Cambridge, Md.

GENERAL: I send you the steamer Balloon, Captain Kirwan, which is placed at your disposal for the purpose of aiding you in breaking up the commercial intercourse with the Confederate States, of which the Eastern Shore of Maryland furnishes the material. You have as I suppose ere this taken measures to seize all merchandise brought from Delaware to Salisbury by rail and destined to Virginia. With the aid of the Balloon you may intercept much of that which finds its way down the Chesapeake by water, and I trust be able to confine this illicit traffic to very narrow limits. It is believed that the Balloon will also be of essential use in sending to different points the force necessary to disarm such companies of militia or such unauthorized military bodies as are training with intentions notoriously hostile to the Government. The duty is one of the greatest delicacy, and requires the utmost prudence and discretion. It is not doubted that numbers of individuals on the Eastern shore of Maryland have been led into the support of disloyal measures by gross misrepresentations of the views and intentions of the Government. While the purpose you have in view should be steadily maintained and carried out with inflexible firmness, those who have been deceived and misled instead of being confirmed in the prejudices and be reclaimed by kind treatment and convinced of their