War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0067 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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persons entertaining secession sentiments. The parties making the same are know to me as being persons of character and position.

Yours, respectfully,


U. S. Marshal.


New York, September 15, 1861.

Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

SIR: Charles W. Adams, of the firm of Adams, Jordan & Co., Galveston, Tex., and also of a firm in Boston, arrived per Africa on Thusday night last from Liverpol (where he had been to dispose of a cargo of cotton carried over on the ship Aaron L. Reid, of New York, from his house in Galveston) under British colors. I understand the value of the cargo is at least $200,000, and the presumption is that he has brought the avails with him in some shape. With the knowledge of these facts immediately after arrival here, to notify the U. S. marshal.

Since his departure I have learned further that there is no doubt of his complicy in the treason of Texas. He was at Galveston attending to the loading the above ship when the three steamers, General Rusk, Matagorda and Orizaba, were seized by the rebels there. The two latter steamers were released under an engagement with the owner of the three (Charles Morgan) that they should run between Galveston and New Orleans. The Orizaba left with freight and passagers; among them was this Charles W. Adams. After getting to sea the captain found his private instructions from Mr. Morgan were to run the steamer to New York instead of New Orleans. He consulted his mate and one or two passengers, who approved of a plan to land the passengers at Key West and proceed to New York with such as preferred to stay by the ship. But his plan was thwarted through the connivance of the mate and the overpowering force of the passengers headed by Mr. Adams. The steamer was therefore through his effort run into Berwick Bay; she was afterward taken possession of by the rebels and is still held by them. These facts are furnished me by a refugee from Texas who was on board the Orizaba at the time and who favored running to New York.

Very truly, yors,



FORT LAFAYETTE, September 15,

Lieutenant Colonel M. BURKE,

Commanding Forts Hamilton and Lafayette.

COLONEL: In obedience to the instructions received from you I beg leave to submit the following report in regard to the capacity of this post for the confinement of prisoners: I have at this time in my custody 80, who are arrangement as follows: Room Numbers 1. 25, confined as privateers; room Numbers 2, 8 prisoner of war and state (1 more by desire of prisoners); room Numbers 5, 28 prisoners of war and date (this room is 25 by 60 and in the lower battery); guard house, 2 privateers; total, 80. In a day or two I will have another large room ready which will accommodate 50 prisoners. It will be 25 by 95 feet. In room No.