War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0009 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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Washington, June 3, 1861.


(Care Major S. Williams, Asst. Adjt. General, Saint Louis, Mo.)

The Secretary of War directs that you arrest General A. S. Johnston if he returns from California by overland route.


LOS ANGELES, CAL., June 7, 1861.


DEAR SIR: I am a resident of San Jose, Santa Clara County, Cal., and I am in this city on business and have spent ten days here, and I have learned that Colonel Johnston who was recently commander of the U. S. forces on this coast will leave this place next week with an armed band of secessionists for Texas with the avowed purpose of joining the traitors of Texas and the Southern Confederacy. They will pass through Arizona, thence to New Mexico, and I am informed that it is their intention to "clean out" as they express it all Union men on the route. I thought it my duty as a good citizen to post you that they may be headed off in New Mexico by the soldiers stationed there or on the border of Texas by Montgomery or Jim Lane, of Kansas. This information I believe to be reliable. They publicly state their intention to "emigrate" as they call it, but you be assured from my knowledge of some of the emigrants they are and will be ready to annihilate every Union man as soon as they leave the borders of this State where Colonel Sumner's prompt and timely arrival saved our State from a bloody war for the Union.

I refer you to Honorable John F. Farnsworth, of Saint Charles, Ill. (Representative), K. S. Bingham, of the Senate, and to ex-Governor Felch, of Michigan, all of whom know we well and of my truthfulness. My name must not be used or my life would not be worth a straw.



California safe for the Union. We are forming Union clubs in every city, town and hamlet.


NEW YORK, June 11, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD, Washington, D. C.

SIR: I have in my possession evidence I think of complicity of two of our foreign ministers, one to Portugal and the other to Switzerland, while in England with the enemies of our country so strong that I think it cannot fail to convict them of treason, and if you think it important I can supply it to you if you so direct me.

Very respectfully, from one of your earliest friends,


Numbers 131 East Thirteenth Street, New York.

P. S. - If you should think it necessary to communicate with me please do so under cover to J. B. Jones, New York.