War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0842 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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hostile element in those counties and also in Greene is so strong thatI give it as my firm conviction that it will neither abate nor be conciliated. They look confidently for the re- establishment of the Federal authority in the South with as much confidence as the Jews look for the coming of the Messiah and I feel quite sure when I assert it that no event or circumstance can change or modify their hopes. In this state of affairs this part andindeed all of East Tennessee will be subjected during the war to apprehensions of internal revolt more or less remote as the tide of war tuns in this direction. The recent bridge- burning in this section was occassined byt he hope that the Federal troops would be here in a few days fromKentucky tosecond their efforts. We will rush out the rebellion here in a week or ten days buyt to prevent its recurrence should be a mateter of anxious consideration. Upon this sjbject I have the honor of amking the following suggestion. Upon this subject I have the honor of making the following suggestions to your excellency:

The expatreiation rquiring alien enemises to dispose of teir effects and leave with their effects and leave with teir families should be enforced. S hould they not do so voluntarily on proof hbeing submitted that they werein arms or hostile to the Govenrment they should be forced to leave on due notice withtheir families. A man with his family with himin the Norht will do us no greatharm. He will not enlist there for he will have to support his family.

By removing the hostile element from our counties we have peace and the Southern men can then enter the armybecause they know that their families are safe at home. By leaving this hositle element here we will never have peace but be subject to constnt alarm, these men rising up at every turn of events to harassus. I submit this suggestion to your excellency's careful attention. There are now camped in and about Elizabethon in Carter County some 1,200 or 1,500 men armed with a motley assortment ofguns in open defiance of the Confederate States of America and who are awwiting a movement of the Federal troops fromKentucky tomarhc foward and take possession of the raiload. Thesemenare gatehred up fromtheree or five counties in this region and comprise the hostile Union element of this section and never will be appeased, conciliated or quieted in a Southern Confederacy. I make this assertion positively and you may take it for what it is worth. We can and will in a few days disperse them but when will they break out agains! I am satisfied the only hope for our quiet and repose and our co- operation without hindrance in the present revolutionis the expatriation voluntarily or by force of this hostile element. I am, resepctrully, your obedient srvant,


JACKSOBORUGH, November 12, 1861.

Colonel W. B. WOOD, Knoxville.

SIR: I rejoice that you have caught xsix of the briedge- burners. I am yet unadvised what precise bridgesa reactaully destroyed or whether my intneded telegraphic dispatches are really transmitted owver the wires. Have you any news form Colonel Carroll's regiment or any otehr re- enforcement! I will to- morrow send dispatches to the forces near Jamestown, the cavalry here to commence simultaneously disarming the Union inhabitants. YOu will peas simultaneously send orders to all detachments under your command to