War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0835 UNION REBELLION IN EAST TENNESSEE.

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HEADUQARTERS, Knoxville, October 28, 1861.

Brigadier General F. K. ZOOLICOFFER.

GENERAL: The news of your falling back to Cumberland Ford ahs had the effect of developing a feeling that has only been kept under by the presence of troopss. It was plainly visible that the Union men were so elated that they could scarcely repress an open expression of their joy. This afternoon it assumed an open character and some eight or ten of the bullies and leaders made an attack on some of my men near the Lamar House and seriously wounded several. Gentlemen who witnessed the whole affair say that my men gave no offense and were not at all to blace. The affair became pretty general and couriers were sent to me at my camp of its existene. I immediately marched Captain White's cavalry and 100 of my men into the town to arrest the assailants but they made their escape. The Southerners here are cosiderbly alarmed believing that there is a proceoncerted moevement amongst the Union men if by any means the enemy should get into Tennessee. J. Swan told me to- nioght that he heard one say thies evening as Captain White's cavalry rode through town that "they oculd do so now but in less tahn ten days the Union forces would be here and run them off. " I cannot well tell eyou the many evidences of disaffection which are manifesgted every day and the increased bldness that it is assuming. I deem it, however, of sufficient importance to be on the alert and as there are no other forces here now byt a part of my regiment and Captains Gillespie's and White's cavalry I think I had better keep my men there until otehrs arrive.


The town is quiet this morning. The men who committed the assault on my men yesterday have left town I am informed. The cannonand ammunion start this mornignwithorders to push on as rapidly as possible.

Very respectfully, our obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Post.

KNOXVILLE, Octoberr 29, 1861.


DEAR GOVERNOR: I don't like to meddle in things that are in keeping of men so much more vigilant and wiser thanI am but I am constrained by the circumstances around me to believe that Zollicoffer and the rairoads of East Tennessee are in a dangerous conditiona t present.

I am well aware that the views of the "original panel" in East Tennessee is not much heeded abroad but I am well satisfed that there is to- day a larger Lincoln force well armed in East Tennessee than Zollicoffer has of Southern menunderhis commad; that this force is in such a state of organization that they can and will be concentrated in Zollicoffer's rear whenever they are advised of a sufficeint force in his front. These people are in full correspondence withthe former in Knetucky and know as well and better what is going on in the Lincoln