War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0834 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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MEMPHIS, October 26, 1861.


DEAR SIR: On my return from Nashville last night I received your letter of 11th instant. The prisoners alluded to were [H. C.] Jarvis, [John W.] Thornburgh and others who were arrested for treason and imprisoned in Nashville. They were turned out by Judge [West H.] Humphreys whilst I was in Nasville.

More than 100 persons have been arrested in East Tennessee with-out warrants in some cases, marched great distances and caried into court on no other charge than that they were Union men. In one case an old man named Duggan, a Methodist preacher, was arrested, carried fifty miles on foot (he a large, fleshy men), refused the privilege of riding his own horse, and all they and against him was that in February last he prayed fort he Union. If that is a good cahrge about two- thirds of the people of the State are leaible in the same way as at that time they voted 62,000 majority for the Union.

I have spent much time this summer and fall in trying to conciliate the people of East Tennessee. I thought I had succeeded. Just as the people were quieting down, getting reconciled, raising volunteers, &c., they commenced these arrestes which have gone far to poison the minds of the people against the Government, and if tolreated and persisted in the people of that end of the State at a critical moment will rise up enemis instead of friends.

You ask me who makes these arrests. As far as I can learn they are instigated by a few malicious, troublesome men in and about Knoxville. I always herar the names of W. G. Swan, William M. Churchewll, John H. Crozier, [John] Crozier Ramsey and the postmaster at Knoxville mixed up with these matters. It is these men have private griefs and malice to gratify and they aim to bring down the avenging arm of the Govenrment to satiate their passions. Crozier Ramsy is the attorney- geenral. It is said he in most caes czuses the arrestes and makes the affidavit. Just think of thsi- an attorney degrading himself by turning an affidavit man.

You may inquire what is the remedy! I answer turn out Ramsey; put some man in Middle or West Tennessee in his place who has dignioty and charager; turn out the postmaster at Knoxville. If the President will tehn make it known to all officials that he discountenances all frivlous arrestes things will quit down. If, however, he refuses to do this, retains Ramzsey, then we may look for great trouble in that end of the State. If the President will write Landon C. Haynes, Senator- elect, and any other respectable man in East Tennessee he will be at no loss what course to pursue.

I address this to you to be certain the President will get it and receive attention.

Very respactfully,



Referred to the Secretaty of War, that such inquiry may be made and action taken as will prevent as far as we may such proceedings as are herein descirbed.

J. D. [AVIS.]

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