War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0833 UNION REBELLION INEASTTENNESSEE.

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Knoxville, Tenn., September 1, 1861.

Colonel BALDWIN.

SIR: I expect to start to- morrow morning Captain McClellan'cavalry company by land to overtake and co- operte with your regiment. He knows the people and theroads well in Johnson and Carter Counties and you will emply his company in scouting, gettin inforationn or otehrwise as you may deem proper. The news I am recieving indicates a mischievous purpose on the paatrt of the Federals and theirleeaders in Johbnson County. You will seize the leaders who commit overt acts of a hostile character and as much as possible endeavor to purue a conciliatory course towards their misguided followers. The indicaqtions are that a crisis is upon Kentucky; that in a of ew days the armed Lincoln companies will be in great force there. Be strict in keeping your men in camp so as to prevent the soldiers from committing trespasses or otherwise alienating the feelings of well- disposed citizens.


Brigadier-Geenral, C. S . Army.

SNEEDVILLE, September 9, 1861.

Brigadier General F. K. ZOLLICOFFER,

Commanding, Knoxville, Tenn.

DEAR SIR: We, the undersigned citizens of Sneedville, &c., would resepctfully represent to you that we are threatened with immediate invaison fromthe Union party of Hancock and Hawkins and perhaps other counties in East Tennessee in connection with Union and Norhtern men from some of the mountain counties of Kentucky. We have the proof showing these facts from men who have hertofore belonged to and acted with the Union party of our own county. one gentleman, the sheriff of our county, trevealed the following facts to a citizen of our town this morning, viz; that in a few days there would be a strong force fromKentucky escorted here through the mountins by a force of unon men fro this county and Hawkins who have lately gone from here to Kentcky. There have been crowds within the past ten days from this county and Hawkins numbering from the best information 500 men who we understnd are detemined to bearing back with them froM Kentucky a sufficient force to overrun Southern men in Hancock and in this portion of East Tennessee generally, and from thnce to the railroad with a view to tear it up so as to stop any transportation upon the East Tenessee and Virginia Railroad. We have abundant proof clear to our minds that there exists a great necessity for having force stationed here. There is no apearnace of Union hositlities having abated. We do not feel that the lives of ourselves and our families are gby any menas safe.

We are, dear sir, m ost respectfully, yours,


(Forwarded to Secretary of War sme date.)