War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0827 UNION REBELLION INEAST TENNESSEE.

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RICHMOND, VA., August 13, 1861.

Mr. J. G. M. RAMSEY, Knoxville, Tenn.:

Yours received. Nelson has acknowledged his obligations as a citizen of Tennessee to submit to her alte desicion and upon his promiose to act hereafter in accordance therwith I have ordered his release.


NOXVILLE, TENN., August 26, 1861.

Honorable A. T. BLEDSOE, Bureau of War, Richmond, Va.

DEAR SIR: I have with otehrs labored hard and iwth some success to allay the spirit of disaffection in this region and to produce a calm which some deprecate that will probably be succeeded by an active enlistment on our side. I stopped at Jonsborohgh one day to confer with Colonel T. A. R. Nelson and through him to learn what the Unionists design, and the result of a long interview has strongly impressed me with the belief that he will not only abstain from doing anything hostile to the C onfederacy but that in due time (i. e. as soon as his standing with his party will permit) he will come out openly for the Southern cause and he has given me aid already in getting up volunteers. At my instance Union leaders now here from different counties are to- night engaged in preparing an address, adopting Nelson's card (a copy of which I sent to the Adjutant-General yesterday) and advising their friends in Kentucky and elsewhere to return to their homes and submit to "the powers that be. " I purpose publishing a handbill containing a sort appeal to my friends and relatives with Nelson's card; this indorsement of it by his friends and General Zollicoffer's general roder holding out the ovve branch. This may lead to such mutual confidence that both sides may deem their rifles useless here an agree to carry them together under my lead agianst a common foe.

Please to ask the Secretary to telegrph me how manymounted men I may raise.

Very respectfully and truly, yours,

A. M. LEA,

Brigade COmmissary.

NASHVILLE, July 9, 1861.

President DAVIS:

No time is to be lost in East Tennessee. I exmamined the case thorougly. There are 2,000 men of various arms now there. TI think at least 10,000 ought to be their and at once. Govenror Brown, of Georgia, has 2,500 well armed and equipped at Marietta ready to ove. Floyd I h3ear has 2,000/. The rest might be sent from COrinth. I would strongly recommend making a deaprtment of East Tennessee and parts of Norht Carolina and Georgia and the appointment of Geenral F. K. Zollicoffer, of the Tennessee army, to its command as a brigadier of the Provisinal Army. Governor Harris concurs in thei earnestly.


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