War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0810 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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for passes and orders are so frequent that I have to request you to observe the following general rule in such cases: The possession of a negro as of any other persoanl property is prima facie evidence of title and unless the title of the person applying for ferriage for his negro is questioned in a legal manner- that is unless he is climed with a writ issued from a court of competent jurisdiction- you will permit such person to cross with his ord here negroes. Instructions have been issued from this office that no negro shall be arrested while in the possession of a white man claiming him under the act cncerning runaway slaves except by a writ issued from a peper court. [Letterpress copy illegible.]


Provost- Marshal- General.]



March 12, 1862.

The contrabands at this post wil hereafter be placed in the employ of the Government upon the following terms, viz:

1. Men will receive $10 per month, one ratin and soldier's allowance of clothing.

2. Women will recive $4 per month, one ration and allowance in money equal to and in lieu of soldier's allowannce of clothing.

3. Boys between the ages of twelve and sixteen will receive $4 per month, one ration and soldier's allowance of clothing.

4. All children under the age of twelve will recieve one rationa and remain with their parents.

5. The above regualations apply only to contrabands in the pyblic service. Wehn in the employ of officers or any other persons as servants or in any other capacity they will be paid by the person in whose emply they are an amount in money equal to the sum tatal of the clothing allowance, rations and maoney experessedint eh abovs regulatins.

All persons at this post having cotrabands in teir emply or under their control will report in writing to these headquarters their names, ages, sexz, where they come from, the names of their owners and how long and by whom they have been employed.

In all cases they will be treated with great care and humajity. It is to be hoped that their helpless and dependent condition will protect them against injustice and imposition.

By order of Colonel R. C. Hawkins, commandign the post:


Acting Assistant Addjutnat-General.

Additiaonal article of war approved March 13, 1862.

ARTICLE 102. All officers or persons in the military or naval service of the United States are prohibited from employing any of the forces under their esepctive commands for the purpose of returning fugitives from service or labor who may have escaed from any persons to whom such sfrvice or labero is claimed to be due; and any officer who shall be found guilty by a court- martial of violating this article shall be dismissed from the service.

SECTION 2. That this act shall take effect from and after its passage.