War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0806 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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blacks, to enrolla ndorganize the willing blacks into working parties, to see that ehy are well fed, cald and paid a proper remaunerationf or their labor, to take charge of all property on the platations whether found there, provided by the Government or raised from the soil, and to perform all otehr administative futies connceted withthe plantations that may be required by the Govenrment. A code of regulatins on this subject as well as a proper division of districts will be furnished in due tiem.

In the maenawhile and until the blacks become capabele of themselves of thisnking and acting judiciously the srvices of competent instructors will be received- one or more for each district- whose duties will consist in teaching them both young and old the rudiments of civilization and CHristianity, their amenabvility to the laws of both God and man, their relations to each other as sociuaol beings and all that is necessary to render them cometent to sustain themselves in social and business pruzsuits.

For an efficeint and complete orgainzation of this system there will be appointed two general agent- one to have a general sueperintendence over the administative or agricultural agents and the other over the educational department.

II. The above system is not intnded in any respe3ct to interfere with the existing orders resepcting the emplymment of contrabands by the staff deaprtments of the army and by the cotton agents.

III. As the blacks are now in great need of suitable clothing if not otehr necessaries of liefe which necessity will probably continue and even increas3e until the abocve system gets into working order the benevolent and philanthropic of the land are most earnestly appealed to for assistance in relieveing their immediate wants. Never was their a nobler or more fitting opportunity for the operation of that considerate and practical benevolence for which the Northern people have ever been distinguished.

By order of Brigadier General T. W. Sherman:


Captain, Fifteenth Infantry, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


Port Royal, S. C., February 9, 1862.


Washington, D. C.

SIR: The imperative necssity of puttinmg the balcks in the way of avoiding starvation before the planting season expires without a draw onthe commissariat to an extent that would cripple the service and for other reasdons suggested in the general order which I herewith inclose has induced me to the measures mentioned therein.

I would respectfully ask for a speedy reply to this communciaiton and should the plan be generally approved then how far I shall be authorized to hire instructors. THis is a point wheron I have entertained some doubts. I firmly believe, however, that the general agent of instruction should be employed by the Government if not all the instructor; but the latter the district or sub- instructor may possibly be provided by the public charities.

This step which I have taken is of vital importance and to be beneficial for the present year must go into opertion at once. The present