War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0779 CAPTURED AND FUGITIVE SLAVES.

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man in his camp whom the cpatain informs me is not only the property of a secessionist but has been used in aid of treason by his master. This, however, I am not officially apprised of and cannot of course act as I would under other circumstances. Inclosed please find copy of general order issued in relation to such character and oblige,

Your most obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Fourth Brigade.




Fort Holt, Ky., November 23, 1861.

No officer or solider shall be allowed to arrest, secrete or harbor or in any way interfere with persons held to service (negroes), property of citizens of slaveholding States.

By order of Colonel John Cook, commanding Fourth Brigade:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

BOONVILLE, MO., November 30, 1861.

Major-General HALLECK, U. S. Army,

Headquarters, Saint Louis, Mo.

DEAR SIR: I am a native of East Hartford, Conn., and am now visiting this State to induce a widowed sister and her family to return to that vicinity where our parents, much advanced in years, reside; that my sister and her family now residign in a disturbed locality (being in Johnson County) may escpae torubles and dangers growing out of the sad condition of affairs in Western Missouri and relieve us at home of great uneasiness on her account. Being detained in this neighborhood several days expectng a friend who per appointment was to meet me here I have become somewhat informed as to local matters which as a good an dloyal citizen I biefly make known to you. I do not do this obstrusively nor expect that my advice is of great importance but simply as a witness, from the fact that it is impossible for yout o enforce obedience and punish willful disobedience and contempt or disregard of your authority unless youa re specifically made acquainted with abuses in the localities under your military command where they abound.

Much will never reach you for the simple reason that resident inhabitants are afraid to complain, and it [is] as a precaution in my own behalf proper for me to say to you that I am in personal danger of the Boonville Home Guards could they identify me as the author of the inclosed communication. Every one who ventures to complain or disent from their malpractices is denounced as a secessionists in league with the enemy. They are composed mainly of the rudest protion of the German pupulation, and there is no reasoning with them allowed on the part or in behalf of abused civilians. The captains of the two companies were recently keeprs of drinking houses and one of them still keeps his "doggery. " I mention this merely to show you the kind of material U. S. captains are made of in this locality.

I have had a good opportunity of fomring an opinion of the temper of the people of Missouri having made two s to the State within the last twelvemonth, and it is my cnadid opinion from a loyal standpoint that the mismanagement of Federal avisers in this State