War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0750 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

December 25, 1861. -Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant, U. S. Army, commanding District of Southeast Missouri, orders fugitive slaves to be expelled from Fort Holt, Ky.

March 13, 1862. -Additional Article of War approved forbidding officers and soldiers of the U. S. Army from aiding in the capture and return of fugitive slaves to disloyal owners.

May 9, 1862. -Major General David Hunter, U. S. Army, proclaims martial law in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, and declares all slaves free.

19, 1862. -President Lincoln modifies Major-General Hunter's proclamation freeing the slaves in his military department.

Miscellaneous Records Relating to the Negro in the Early Stage of the Rebellion.

FORT PICKENS, FLA., March 18, 1861.

Lieutenant Colonel L. THOMAS,

Assistant Adjutant-General, U. S. Army.

SIR: I have the honor to report that since my last report nothing has happened to disturb the peaceable relations existing between the U. S. forces and those opposing us.

* * * *

On the morning of the 12th instant for negroes (runaways) came to the fort entertaining the idea that we were placed here to protect them and grant them their freedom. I did what I could to teach them the contrary. In the afternoon I took them to Pensacola and delivered them to the city marshal to be returned to their owners. That same night four more made their appearance. They were also turned over to the authority next morning.

* * * *

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


First Lieutenant, First Artillery, Commanding.


Annapolis, Md., April 23, 1861.

His Excellency THOMAS H. HICKS,

Governor of the State of Maryland:

* * * * *

I have understood within the last hour that some apprehensions were entertained of an insurrection of the negro population of this neighborhood. I am anxious to convince all classes of persons that the forces under my command are not here in any way to interfere with or countenance any interference with the laws of the State. I am therefore ready to co-operate with your excellency in suppressing most promptly and effectively any insurrection against the laws of Maryland.

* * * *

And I have the honor to be your excellency's obedient servant,


General of the Third Brigade.