War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0721 THE MARYLAND ARRESTS.

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ler and Brewer. Please have the kindness to consider the claims of those two prisoners and indicate a course with respect to them which in your judgment the Government ought to pursue.

I submit respectfully a letter from Mr. Salmon addressed to myself. Mr. Claggett has not himself written but his loyal friends-and he has many in my district-have urged me to interfere in his behalf.

You are aware that neither Mr. Claggett nor Mr. Salmon is now a member of the house of delegates of Maryland. Their time of service expired on the 6th of November when their successors were elected. They hold no official station and being without political influence I must believe that no public interest will be put in hazard by their release.

Mr. Claggett I am well advised declined to go to Frederick to meet the Legislature on the day fixed for it to assemble and was arrested at his home, and from the letter of Mr. Salmon inclosed you will see that he is not disposed to give further trouble.

Very respectfully



FORT WARREN, Boston, December 17, 1861.

Honorable F. THOMAS:

Permit me to call your attention to the fact that I am a prisoner at this fort and have been for three months with Mr. Kessler and Claggett, of Frederick County. The charge against [us] I believe is we were members of the late Legislature of Maryland. I am very anxious to return to my home on the same conditions as Dennis, Doctor McCubbin, Landing, Quinlan and Heckart. Those gentlemen subscribed to the oath of allegiance and are now home. The last-named gentleman has taken his seat in the senate of Maryland. I am willing to take the oath as the others above have done. I ask it as a favor that you call on Mr. Seward and request my release and oblige an old friend.

Respectfully, yours,


P. S. -Mr. Kessler will also take the oath as required by the Government.


Washington, December 23, 1861.

Major General JOHN A. DIX, Baltimore, Md.

GENERAL: Your letter of the 21st instant with its inclosures has been received.

Directions have been sent to Colonel Dimick to release Thomas J. Claggett and William E. Salmon, now confined at Fort Warren, upon their taking the oath of allegiance and making the usual stipulations.

I am, &c.,


Assistant Secretary.