War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0710 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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G. W. Landing. -Late a member of the Maryland Legislature. His written statement is inclosed. * His case is like that of Mr. Kessler. I make no question that he will be in future a Union man.

Leonard G. Quinlan, of Baltimore. -Also a member of the Legislature. His case is like the two preceding. He voted against secession by legislative action. Will take the oath. Would do no harm at large.

W. E. Salmon, of Frederick County, Md. -Member of the Legislature. Will take the oath. Can see no reason why he should not be set at liberty.

John J. Heckart, Maryland. -Hold over senator. I think he would do no harm at liberty but he has a maggot in his [head] about taking the oath because it would or might conflict with his official oath as senator. I do not see how. He refers with confidence to Mr. Secretary Cameron as an intimate acquaintance of long standing. If I had to do with him I should set him free on taking the oath.

A. A. Lynch, Maryland. -Also a hold-over senator. He has the same idea about the oath as Mr. Heckart. Shows a good legislative record. Mr. Reverdy Johnson, of Maryland, has his case in charge and I am disposed to leave it with [him]

The cases of all tehse gentlemen are better known to the State Department than they can be to me. I assume that the arrest was one of policy having in view the defeat of any possible hostile legislation at that time. That object having been secured perhaps there is no longer occasion to hold the parties provided their present frame of mind indicates no danger.

My recommendations toward mitigation of duress are always subject to the condition that there exists no proof of guilt in your Department and so in the case of these gentlemen.

This closes all the Maryland cases that seem to me to be safe to set at large on taking the oath.

I shall make a communication in relation to Mayor Brown to-morrow.

I am, very truly, yours,



The within was written last evening. This morning I see by the papers that most of these men with others have been already discharged. I send it forward all the same. S. B. Frost who is in the published list as dismissed I think ought never to have been arrested. His arrest was probably the result of private malice; whereas W. G. Harrison also in that list is a malignant.


November 26, 1861.


Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

SIR: I have the honor to inclose to you the oaths of allegiance administered this day by me to Leonard G. Quinlan, Sidney B. Frost, John L. Bouldin, D. H. Lucchesi, J. J. Heckart, Robert Rae, George Thompson, G. W. Landing and C. D. French agreeably to your order of the 23rd instant.


*Not found, but see Landing to Hawley, p. 707.