War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0684 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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is not at all in favor of secession and is perfectly willing to take the oath of allegiance to the Government; has always voted against every measure tending to take the State out of the Union in the Legislature and refused to take part in the local proceeding of the disunionists,

Under these circumstances I think it highly proper that Doctor McCubbin be immediately discharged.

Yours, respectfully,


BALTIMORE, September 19, 1861.


DEAR SIR: Allow me to congratulate you upon the Government manifesting its strong arm in giving the quietus to our so-called Legislature. It has had a salutary influence in many respects and has soothed down the temper of the disunionists prodigiously. It is to be hoped the Govenment will now be strong enough to arrest such characters as Breckinridge, Magoffin and Burnett, of Kentucky, when we shall soon have a recurrence all over the country of the good old cry of Whig times of Clay and Webster of "Palsied be the hand and the heart of him that dares dissolve this Union. " We hope the President will not have cause to break with General Fremont. The Government can afford to incur the ire of civilians but cannot afford to lose real generals at this time. Our city is unusually quiet and orderly and we feel safe under the parental care of Uncle Sam. We are progressing with our regiments as fast as possible; and at the proper time I shall beg to have the President's eye and your eye as I have my eye on the consulship to Shanghai.

With great respect, your obedient servant,



Camp near Darnestown, September 20, 1861.

Colonel R. B. MARCY, Chief of Staff, &c.

SIR: I have the honor to report in obedience to the order of the Secretary of War and the general commanding the Army of the Potomac transmitted to me by letter of the 12th instant that all the members of the Maryland Legislature assembled at Frederick City on the 17th instant known or suspected to be disloyal in their relations to the Govenment have been arrested.

The opening of the session was attended chiefly by Union men and after rigid examination but nine secession members were found in the city. These were arrested with the clerk of the senate and sent to Annapolis according to my orders on the 18th instant under guard and safely lodged on board a Government steamer in waiting for them. Of their destination thence I had no direction. The names of the parties thus arrested and disposed of were as follows, viz: W. E. Salmon, Frederick; R. C. McCubbin, Annapolis; William R. Miller, Cecil County; Thomas J. Claggeosiah H. Gordon, Allegany County; Clarke J. Durant, Saint Mary's County; J. Lawrence Jones, Talbot County; Andrew Kessler, Jr., Frederick; Bernard Mills, Carroll County; J. M. Brewer, chief clerk of the senate.