War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0683 THE MARYLAND ARRESTS.

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the colonel will look up. There is a very bitter man here - a Mr. Sinn - who is currently reported by General Shriver and others to be the medium of communication with the Southern Confederacy. The names of the members are: W. E. Salmon, R. C. McCubbin, J. H. Gordon, C. J. Durant, Thomas J. Claggett, Andrew Kessler and Bernard Mills. We shall get J. Lawrence Jones. The officers of the Legislature: J. M. Brewer, chief clerk of the senate; Thomas H. Moore, reading clerk; Samuel Penrose, Jr., assistant; W. Kilgour, reading clerk; Milton Y. Kidd, chief clerk of the house. Mr. Jones is taken; Edward Houser, citizen; Riley (very bad), printer to the house; John Hogan (very bad), citizen; Joseph Elkins, citizens; Mr. Mason, folder to the house. We shall leave here for headquarters this afternoon. The arrested were nearly all seized by the policemen.

I am, yours, respectfully,



Mr. McCubbin is a person whom I should recommend you to set at large if he takes the oath which I have no doubt he will. He is brother-in-law to General Hammond and a man much respected; also a man of rather timid nature and greatly troubled by his arrest. General Shriver has been very active for us and is very earnest that we should let him go on these terms. If you can do it it will be well to telegraph to Annapolis to have the oath thendered and release him. I should do it under my instructions only that Colonel Ruger thinks he has no authority to allow any man on the list and liberty.

R. M. C.


I do dolemnly swear that I will bear allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government thereof against all enemies whether foreign or domestic, and I will bear true faith and loyalty to the same any ordinance, resolution or law of any State, convention or Legislature to the contrary notwithstanding, and further that I do this with a full determination, pledge and purpose without any mental reservation or evasion whatsoever; and further that I will well and faithfully perform the duties which may be required of me by law. So help me God.

Milton Y. Kidd, Wm. Kilgour, E. A. Hanson, Jos. D. Elkins, John Huger, S. P. Carmack, Thos. H. Moore, Thos. Mason, E. S. Riley.

Subscribed and sworn before me the subscriber, a justice of the peace in and for Frederick County, this 18th day of September, A. D. 1861.


WASHINGTON, September 19, 1861.

Governor SEWARD.

DEAR GOVERNOR: General Edward Hammond, of Howard County, Md., desires the release of his brother-in-law, Dr. Richard C. McCubbin, of the Maryland House of Delegates. General Hammond himself is the main stay of our cause in Howard and he represents that McCubbin