War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0677 THE MARYLAND ARRESTS.

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Thomas Walsh, Loughtis Cusick, Saml. Kirk, Jr., Frederick Hess, James D. Ross, Geo. W. Fruch, James H. King, George Stromberger, W. G. Harrison, R. M. McLane, W. H. Norris, Ross Winans, Robert Hough, G. D. Spurrier, T. P. Scott, J. Hanson Thomas, B. B. Wilson, Chas. Brown, Geo. Shannon, William H. Warley, Daniel Garland, H. A. Marston, Chas. G. Kerr, George T. Clarke, A. Milburn, Fred. J. Allston, Jos. Hammett, Jos. S. Smith or Simon, Haml. Golder, E. G. Guild, M. Crichton, John Lutz, Geo. Porter, C. V. Martin, J. G. Harvey, J. C. Nicodemus, S. J. Slater, T. Robert Jenkins, Thos. H. McBride, J. A. Dushane, C. S. Marsh, John Rassle, L. M. Beebe, Captain Sam. White, G. T. Scott, C. J. M. Gwinn, T. M. Lanaham, Neilson Poe, I. H. Stewart, Wm. B. Perine, L. T. Bayne, Joseph Bickerson & Co., James Goudy, D'Arcy Paul, Jr., H. W. Jenkins, J. B. Eitrouard, Chas. T. Smith, S. S. Shanley, Geo. T. Smith, A. W. Habersham, late U. S. Navy, Hamilton Easter, R. W. Chase, Theo. E. Clifton, P. Trenaust, L. Parson, S. H. Taggart, Hy. C. Wydham, I. H. Sullivan, S. M. Jackson, John W. Scott, E. T. Stuart, Geo. R. Presstman, Thos. P. Williams, Jr., Frank X. Ward, J. H. Browne, Dr. C. E. Nickerson, Wm. Parkin Scott, S. G. Israel, R. F. Rupp, F. W. Elder, Geo. W. Webb, John Musson, Joseph L. Amos, Emanuel Lamartin, Afred Mullen, William Sheehan, Louis W. Klunk, Jesse W. Small, Henry Ritchmond, F. T. Kelton, J. H. Magruder, F. A. Martin, Joseph A. Gettian, Lewis S. Webb, M. S. Brown, F. Beekman, Geo. A. Schafer, George Mandler, Henry Woods, Edward Bowen, George Turck, George Stump, A. Stall, Geo. D. Volkman, W. Woodville, Jr., P. L. Elder, John D. Kelly, James Kirk, James McFee, G. Allen, E. Shehan, Thos. Kirkpatrick, Joseph E. Otter, Samuel G. B. Cook, H. W. Price, H. C. Larrabee, C. E. Ellison, Francis A. Fifer, James Towner, Henry Stine, George Hartzell & Bros., August Eisenhardt, John Meagher, Wm. Palmer, John H. Reed, John Beets, Thomas Griffin, Thomas Ehlen, Edwin Hartzellacob Baker, John Gurry, George Weidenberger, Christoph Schult, John P. Towson, Chas. Praith, Frank Unwith, Henry P. Vey, Enos Slack, Jesse A. Tipton, Lenhart Shrer.

NOTE BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT. - It may the remarked on looking over the pages that the same names appear twice over, as though they were submitted by separate agents, and also that many of the names have the appearance of being written by the same hand and others by uneducated persons.

EXECUTIVE MANSION, Washington, July 31, 1861.

The marshals of the United States in the vicinity of forts where political prisoners are held will supply decent lodgings and subsistence for such prisoners, unless they shall prefer to provide in those respects for themselves, in which cases they will be allowed to do so by the commanding officers in charge.

Approved, and the Secretary of State will transmit the order to marshals, the lieutenant-general, and Secretary of the Interior.