War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0676 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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or other officer commanding at Annapolis, who will carry them out in a right spirit - that is with moderation and firmness. In the case of arrested individuals notorious for their hostility to the United States the prisoners will be safely kept and duly cared for but not surrendered except on the order of the commanding aforesaid.


Copy of printed declaration with original signatures of citizens of Maryland found among the papers of F. Key Howard* at the time of his arrest.

The undersigned citizens+ of Baltimore declare themselves to be in favor of immediate recognition by the United States of the independence of the Confederate States. The undersigned further declare that if the State of Virginia determines to secede from the United States they are in favor of direct co-operation with that State in such secession.

John C. Gittings, John E. Droste, James A. Lockington, Richard Downing, Bernard Mulhare, James E. Tate, J. B. Polk, A. A. Williams, O. S. Thomas, Danl. J. Fallon, William H. Marshall, James Sarsfield Mullen, P. Preston Johnston, John O'Connor, John B. Wilson, Samuel Tate, Herman Toscroft, Napoleon Camper, C. H. T. de Mangan, William Quinn, Richard Gault, George F. Ely, John W. Brown, John B. Dietrich, Philip M. Mason, John N. Coonan, Joseph Oliver Lancaster, M. Philip Carroll, Jas. O'Hara, Jr., William Shannon, C. Green, Wm. Walker, John Perry, Samuel Escott, Jefferson Miller, Patk, Crane, James O'Loughlin, Thomas Beaty, Michael F. Keane, Francis T. Laron, A. K. Wolf, Fred, McKewan, William H. Rundle, John Toner, Jacob W. Myers, James H. McCormick, William Browling, George Thompson, Edward Lee, James Belt, Henry Butler, John W. Gray, G. E. Shuger, John Hopkins, William Hopkins, Chas. F. Seebode, Casper Gulwalt, A. McGan, Henry Mallon, Chas. S. Bencke, Chas. G. Polley, Thos. Daily, W. Goodrick, John McBride, Chas. P. Cronan, John Gardner, Thomas E. Kilman, Henry Hoffman, N. Kerdspie, Dennis Murphy, Timothy Hays, Wm. E. Rogers, George G. Gibson, M. C., T. M. Tenant, M. C., Winfield S. Anderson, M. C., David A. J. Shade, W. Young, D. C. Woods, Edward Levell, S. R. Williamson, Joseph Barry, Wm. J. Murdock, James Parsons, Thos. R. Ridgely, Francis (his x mark) Carbon, Francis McKenna, Henry Shannon, Daniel Whitelock, Raymon Burrier, Chas. Nickelson, James E. Stockdale, Joseph Files, Geo. Shaffner, C. B. Briscoe, W. H. Scott, John Driscoll, B. A. Williams, Samuel White, John Roach, Samuel Knight, Wm. North, William Levering, Chas. Henderson, Henry Burris, William Conrad, Jr., Stephen Leary, Edward Lee, John West, B. W. Walker, S. R. Browning, George Laning, B. W. Hussing, John Falmouth, Geo. Wiley, B. H. Hill, Ambrose Mullen, Henry Seim, Jackson Cobart, Jr., George Koning, Chas. M. Jackson, Wm. H. Slater, Mason Morfit, Henry M. Morfit, John R. Reece, r, James Sapp,


* For case of F. Key Howard, editor of the Baltimore Exchange newspaper, see Vol. II, this series.

+ There are twelve slips each having a printed heading, and probably the signatures were obtained by separate individuals, each presenting a separate slip.