War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0628 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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BALTIMORE, July 2, 1861.

General N. P. BANKS.

SIR: I beg to state to you that Mr. C. D. Hinks, one of the commissioners of police who was arrested yesterday and conveyed to Fort McHenry, is seriously ill with pulmonary consumption. In my judgment as his attending physician confinement at the fort will be followed with fatal consequences. I have taken the liberty of acquainting you with these facts and to request you to lay his case before the proper authorities and procure his release as early as possible.

I have the honor of being, respectfully, yours, &c.,



Washington, July 5, 1861.

Major General NATHANIEL P. BANKS, Baltimore.

GENERAL: I have the honor to acquaint you that yesterday Messrs. Reverdy Johnson and John P. Kennedy called on the President and recommended that Mr. Howard, one of the police commissioners there recently arrested and now confined by your orders, should be released. The President received the recommendation with all the respect due to the acknowledged patriotism and high social standing of those gentlemen. having considered the subject he instructs me to inform you that as he has entire confidence in your discretion and in the sufficiency of the motives which led to the arrest he preferred to leave to your discretion also the expediency of terminating it. If therefore the application should be made to you will dispose of it accordingly.

I have the honor to be, general, your obedient servant,


Extra from proceedings of the House of Representatives, July 18, 1861. *

At the request of Mr. May the following report of Marshal George P. Kane, chief of police of Baltimore, to the president of the board of police relating to the attack on the Federal troops en route through Baltimore was read to the House by the clerk:


Baltimore, May 3, 1861.


President of the Board of Police.

SIR: The columns of the Baltimore American of this date contain an assault upon my official conduct as commanding officer of the police force of this city in connection with the occurrences of the 19th of April last which seem to require some notice in order that the facts of the case may be duly registered on the journals of your office.

With that view I have the honor to invite your attention to the fact that on the forenoon of Thursday, the 18th of April, I was directed by the police board to furnish escort to two bodies of Federal troops which were expected on that day by the Northern Central road at 1 o'clock and by the Wilmington and Philadelphia road at


*For proceedings of the House concerning the charges against Congressman May, the attack on the Federal troops by a Baltimore mob, and Marshal Kane's connection therewith, see Congressional Globe for July 18, 1861, pp. 196-202, and subsequent dates.