War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0602 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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A great blow must be struck before the season advances so far as to compel the army to go into winter quarters.

The canal is doing considerable business, both for Georgetown and Alexandria and for Baltimore.

Always, my dear sir, with sincere regard, yours, truly,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 17, 1861.

Major General N. P. BANKS, Darnestown, Md.

GENERAL: This Department has reliable information that William O. Sprigg, Judge Perry, Doctor Fitzpatrick and perhaps Devecmon, a lawyer, all of Cumberland, Allegany County, Md., are disloyal in their sentiments and are in constant communication with the rebels in Virginia. The expediency of arresting one or more of these persons and of sending them to Fort McHenry is accordingly submitted to your consideration.

I am, general, your very obedient servant,


ROUSE'S POINT, N. Y., October 17, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD.

DEAR SIR: I have received your second order to retain the trunks* in my possession and fully believe your decision to retain them a correct one.

Another feature of this rebel business I wish to bring to your notice. I have just been in Montreal and am astonished to find so large a number of secessionists. Nearly or quite every Southern State is there represented, and in the dining halls and parlors of different hotels secession is very earnestly defended by them. I should think there were from thirty to fifty of this class in Montreal, and I am told there are quite as many if not more in Quebec, any one of whom would be arrested if found on this side of the line.

Funds to quite an extent are being forwarded by express to them from the South. Would it not be well through our consul or otherwise to ascertain the names of those rebels and seize their funds? I am confident a large amount is thus being drawn from the South and invested in Canada or sent to England. A thousand dollars in gold, besides drafts, &c., to quite an amount passed through for one of the owners of those trunks but a few days since. If it be desired I can obtain the assistance of a most reliable man for a short time to ascertain the names and residence of Southerners now in Canada.

Most respectfully yours,



Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

SIR: I have the honor to inclose a list+ of prisoners brought to Fort McHenry within the last three days. * * * It is desirable that


*Of J. C. Brune, a member of the Maryland Legislature.