War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0588 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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of this State, by an armed force under the orders of the Federal Government, and was forcibly imprisoned and held in custody thereafter at Annapolis and Fort McHenry without color of lawful process or right by the command and at the arbitrary will and pleasure of the President of the United States; and

Whereas, sundry other citizens of Maryland have been unalwfully dealt with in the same despotic and oppressive manner by the same usurped authority, and some of them have in fact been removed by force beyond the limits of the State of Maryland and the jurisdiction of her tribunals in utter violation of their rights as citizens and the rights of the State as a member of the Federal Union; and

Whereas, the unconstitional and arbitrary proceedings of the Federal executive have not been confined to the violation of the personal rights and liberties of the citizens of Maryland but have been extended into every department of oppressive illegality, so that the property of no man is safe, the sanctity of no dwelling is respected and the sacredness of private correspondence no longer exists; and

Whereas, the senate and house of delegates of Maryland, recognizing the obligation of the State as far as in her lies to protect and defend her people against usurped and aribtrary power-however difficult the faulfillment of that high obligation may be rendered by disastrous circumstances-feel it due to her dignity and independence that history should not record the overthrow of public freedom for an instant within her borders without recording likewise the indignant expression of her resentment and remonstrance: Now therefore be it

Resolved, That the senate and house of delegates of Maryland in the name and on the behalf of the good people of the State do accordingly register this their earnest and unqualified protect against the oppressive and tyrannical assertion and exercise of military jurisdiction within the limits of Maryland over the persos and property of her citizens by the Government of the Unite dStates, and do solemnly declare the same to be subversive of the most sacred guarantees of the Constitution and in flagrant violation of the fundamental and most cherished principles of American free government.

Resolved further, That these resolutions be communicated by the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of Honorable James Alfred Pearce and Honorable Anthony Kennedy, Senators of Maryland in the Senate of the United States, with the request that they present the same to the Senate to be recorded among its proceedings in vindication of the right and in perpetual memory of the solemn remonstrance of this State against the manifold unsurpations and oppressions of the Federal Government. *

By the house of delegates, June 20, 1861. Adopted by yeas and nays.

By order:


Chief Clerk.

By the senate, June 22, 1861. Adopted by yeas and nays.

By order:


Secretary of the Senate.


*Mr. Kenndy, a Senator from Maryland, presented the foregoing resolutions in the U. S. Senate in special session August 3, 1861. After some dicussion, in which it was asserted by Senator Wilkinson that the resolutions were an insult to the Government, they were read, laid on the table and ordered to be printed.