War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0558 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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application make such exchange for any officer or non-commissioned officer captured by the State forces according to rank as hereinbefore stipulated.

This done and agreed to at Neosho, Mo., this 26th day of October, 1861.


Acting in behalf of and by authority of Major General J. C. Fremont, Commanding U. S. Forces.


Major-General, Commanding Missouri State Guard.



Springfield, Mo., November 7, 1861.

Whereas, Major General Sterling Price, commanding the Missouri State Guard, by letter dated at his headquarters, near Neosho, Mo., October 26, 1861, has expressed a desire to enter into some arrangement with Major General John C. Fremont, commanding the forces of the United States, to facilitate the future exchange of prisoners of war released on parole; also that all persons heretofore arrested for the mere expresion of political opinions may be released from confinement or parole; also that in future the war be confined exslusively to the armies in the field, and has authorized and empowered Major Henry W. Williams and D. Robert Barclay, esq., to enter into such an arrangement in his behalf; and

Whereas, Major General John C. Fremont concurs with Major-General Price:

Now therefore it is hereby stipulated and agreed by and between Major General John C. Fremont and Major General Sterling Price as follows, to wit:

First. A joint proclamation shall be issued signed by Major-General Fremont and Major-General Price in proper person in the following language, to wit:



Whereas, a solemn agreement has been entered into by the between Major-Generals Fremont and Price, respectively commanding antagonistic forces in the State of Missouri, to the effect that in the future arrests or forcible intereference by armed or unarmed parties of citizens within the limits of said State for the mere entertainment or expression of political opinions shall hereafter cease; that families now broken up for such causes may be reunited, and that the war now progressing shall be exclusively confined to armies in the field;

Therefore be it known to all whom it may concern.

I. No arrests whatever on account of political opinions or for the merely private expression of the same shall hereafter be made within the limits of the State of Missouri, and all persons who may have been arrested and are now held to answer upon such charges only shall be forthwith released; but it is expressly declared that nothing in this proclamation shall be construed to bar or interfere with any of the usual and regular proceedings of the established courts under statutes and orders made and provided forsuch offenses.