War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0551 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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enter to the best of his authority and ability upon the obligations which it imposes. Should you also assent plese convey such information to these headquarters as will enable General Fremont to interchange with you the assumption of this agreement and of the obligations.

Very respectfully,


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

SPEINGFIELD, MO., November 2, 1861.


Commanding Missouri State Guard in the Field:

GENERAL: We have the honor to report that we arrived at General Fremont's headquarters at this place on the 29th ultimo and delivered your communication to the general. On the 31st we were informed that your proposition met the concurrence and approval of General Fremont but that time would not admit of the closing of a definite agreement and that the whole matter would be transferred to Sant Louis to be there consummated. A letter to this effect was wirtten and we understood that Colonel Shands had been dispatched with it to your headquarters. We were not allowed to hold communication with Colonel Shands and supposed that he left this camp on the 31st. Late last evening we were informed that he was still detained in camp, and this morning we sent to Colonel Eaton a note of which a copy (marked A) is herewith inclosed. We have not yet received a reply but we are advised from private sources that both Colonel Shands and ourselves are detained here in the expectation that an agreement in accordance with your suggestions may be closed here without the delay which will attend it transfer to Saint Lous.

Since writing the foregoing we have been handed the paper (marked B) herewith inclosed, accompanied with information that General Fremont prefers an immediate exchange of the persons therein named to relasing them upon parole. We have therefore in virtue of the authority conferred uponus by your communication to General Fremont dated October 26, 1861, agreed to an exchange of the persons named in said paper, they being prisoners taken at this place on Friday, October 25, 1861, by the U. S. troops. The paper (marked C) accompanying this is one of the original agreements entered into in tribplicate in relation to said exchange.

11. 30 o'clock. -We have just received a summons to a conference at headquarters and are informed in relation to Colonel Shands that he leaves to-day at 12 o'clock.

4. 30 o'clock. -The papers which were yesterday taken under advisement by General Fremont have been approved and signed by him and we have the copies and the signature of the same on our part. One of the three originals is herewith inclosed (marked D).

Colonel Shands having left General Fremont will dispatch a special messenger to your camp who will be the bearer of this, and will also convey to you for your own proper signature a copy signed by General Fremont of the proclamation embodied in our articles of agreement. You will find General Fremont's proper signature to the proclamation embodied in said paper (marked E) herewith sent.

Trusting that our action in the premises may meet your approval we remain, with the highest respect, your obedient servants,