War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0549 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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invalid, yet believing that the military authorities of the United States are as thinks erringly determinted to administer for its violation the punishent due for the infraction of a legal parole and to avoid a system of retaliation which, though just, yet in the fortunes of war exchange such prisoners belonging to the U. S. as may be in his custody or on parole for prisoners taken at Camp Jackson and others as agreed upon by Mr. Morton.

Major-General Price also desires in the future operations of the two bellingernt armies of the West that any prisoners taken on either side and released on parole may be exchanged whenevre the party desiring such exchanged shall make such desire know, with a list of the prisoners to be exchanged. In connection with the subject of exchanges Major-General Fremont the propriety of releasing on both sides all prisoners heretofore arrested for the expression of political opinions who may now be confined or released on parole and that in future the war be confined to and conducted exclusively by and between the armies in the field, thus relieving citizens and their homes from some of the horrors of civil war.

Major Henry W. Williams and D. Robert Barclay, esq. who bear ths to your headquarters are hereby empowered to confer with you for the purpose of arraning terms of release of such citizens as may have been arrested and are now confined or released on aprole and also to arrange for future exchanges of prisoners of war relase on parole; and any agreement entered into by them in relation to such exchanges or releases will meet with the approval of Major-General Price. General Price further directs me to say that Colonel Mulligan having declined his parole he was obliged to hold him a prisoner in his camp where he had had opprotunity of obtaining knowledge which it would not be prudent to have divulged to an enemy, and Major-General Fremont will see the propriety of the pledge exacted from him as a condition to his exchange.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Springfield, Mo., October 30, 1861.


Commanding Missouri State Guard.

SIR: I am instructed by Major-General Fremont to acknowledge them receipt of your letter of the 26the instant through Adjutant-General Little indicating your approval of the plan of exchange of prisoners as submitted by Major Morton and others. The list is submtted here with. * The pledge of Colonel Mulligan has also the approval of General Fremont and the names have been sent to Saint Louis to be carried into effect. I am directed by the general to say that he has accepted your proposition for empowering Major Williams and Mr. Barclay to arrange terms of release of citizens arrested and now confined orreleased on parole and for future exchange of prisoners, &c.

At this moment he has not time before your agent, Colonel Shands, shall leave to fully agree upon the plan nor for that of mitigating the


* List not found.