War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0505 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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don, of the Mississippi Bolivar Troop of the Confederate Army. I have a prisoner of your army brought in to-day by the name of Jonathan Doulin, belonging to Captain Burrel's company of Illinois volunteers.

The object of this communication is to ascertain if you will exchange prisoners.

I send First Lieutenant D. C. Herndon, of the Mississippi cavalry, with a flag of truce for the purpose of delivering this communication and respectfully ask that you will inform me of your purpose.

I am, sir, respectfully, &c.,


Brigadier-General, C. S., Army.



Bird's Point, August 30, 1861.

General GIDEON J. PILLOW, New Madrid, Mo.

SIR: Your note of the 28th instant in regard to an exchange of prisoners is just received by the hand of your messenger, Lieutenant Herdon.

The subject of your note involves a question which has not been settled between the contending parties in this war, but wainign such question for the purposes of the present case and protesting that this case shall not in any sence be regarded as a precedent, it has been determined on consultation with the officer in command at Cairo to excharge prisoners with you, man for man of equal rank.

In carrying this arrangement into effect of course satisfactory evidence must be furnished that the prisoners you effer to exchange belong to the Federal army. I make this suggestion becasue Lieutenant Herndon tells me in conversation that you hold some twenty-three prisoners while we have lost but three men from this command, all of whom belong to Captain Burrell's cavalry company. Their names are Mattison Putnam, John Clark and Jonathan Doulin.

I send in company with Lieutenant Herndon Lieutenant S. P. Tufts, of the Centralia cavalry company belonging to my command, to arrange with you the time of making such exchange, and I suggest that the exchange be made at Charleston, Mississippi County, Mo. Please frunish Lieutenant Tufts a list of the persons you hold as Federal prisoners. Inclosed I send you a list* of persons we hold as prisoners belonging to your command.



Colonel, Commanding U. S. Forces at Bird's Point, Mo.

I concur in the above.


Colonel, Commanding Forses at Cairo.


HEADQUARTERS, Numbers 107.

New Madrid, September 2, 1861.

Colonel John. S. Bowen, Major John H. Miller and Captain White (Tennessee Mounted Rifles), of the Confederate Army, to appointed a board of officers to meet a similar board of like grade to be appointed


* Not found.