War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0501 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. When and where was it and what became of the company?

Answer. It was in Saint Louis less than a year ago. I do not know what became of it.

Question. Were not the men for Birge's sharpshooters and was it not late last fall?

Answer. I think it was.

Question. What has been the general conduct and bahavior of Hussey for the last six or seven months?

Answer. I never heard anything he did wrong unless that he was arrested for being a secesionist. One day in Hussey's house when I was there a man came in and God damned the Dutch calling them hard names, and God damned the Union. Hussey came around from behind the conter and told him that he must stop that; that was a Union house; he was a Union man and I was a Union man, and he would no hear any such talk in the house.

G. F. HAYNE, a witness for the defense, being duly sworn testified as follows:


Question. Do you know the general character and repultation of Hussey? If so what is it-good or bad?

Answer. I know his character. It is good.

M. B. CURTIS, A witnes for the defense, being recalled testified as follows:


Question. How long have you know Hussey and what is his heneral character and repultation for good conduct and orderly behavior?

Answer. Have known him seven or eight years. His general character has been good.

Defense rests.

The prisoner than made the following statement:

I have been doin business where I am at present for the three years. McCurdy and I never could agree. Frequently had sharp words together which was the cause of my arrest. I did not intend and never did intend to violate the oath of allegiance which I have taken to my country, but being drunk that day I happened to come across McCurdy and he reproached me in language which I took to myself to be insulting. Whatever words passed between us I cannot recollect. It seems that I made a remark about the oath. If I did it was to agravate him and I had no intent of violating it. I raised a good portion of a company for Colonel Birge's regiment in my house at my own expense which I turned over a man named Samuel Brown, now first lieutenant of the company. Also I have contributed to the Sanitary Commission and to the relief of poor soldiers, and am as good a Union man as the man who caused my arrest.

Whereupon the court, having cleared, after mature deliberation, find the prisoner, Joseph P. Hussey, as follows:

Of the specification, guilty, except the words "at divers places and times," and the words "violently abuse said Government. "

Of the charge, guilty.

And to therefore sentence him, the said Josept P. Hussey, to be shot to death at such time and place as the commanding general of the department may direct.


Colonel and President of Military Commission.


Recorder Military Commission.